It is the stated policy of Juniata College to promote and maintain a campus environment free of all forms of discrimination, intimidation, and exploitation including sexual harassment. The use of one's institutional position or authority to seek or solicit unwanted sexual relations with a member of the Juniata College community is incompatible with the mutual trust and respect among members of the College community fundamental to the mission of Juniata College. If a student has a supervisor or teacher who has used his or her position to seek or solicit unwanted sexual relations, that student should report the matter to the Director of Human Resources (employment related problem), the Provost (professor student incidents), or the Dean of Students.

Reasonable Accommodations: Juniata College will make reasonable changes in living or academic situation for victims of campus violence upon request.

A copy of the Sexual Harassment Policy is distributed to all students under separate cover. Additional copies are available from residence hall staff, the office of the Dean of Students, and the Human Resources Office.