Students are permitted to have visitors in their rooms only if there are no objections from roommate(s). Roommates are expected to resolve problems created by visitations. The rights of a student to privacy, quiet, etc. are paramount and take precedence over the desire of a roommate to have visitors or guests in the room. If the roommates cannot agree, the Resident Assistant, Resident Director or Director of Residential Life should be consulted.

Guests are welcome to visit their hosts as long as all roommates agree upon the length of the visit. Overnight guests may not stay more than two consecutive nights or four nights in a thirty day period. All guests are subject to Juniata College regulations. Misconduct of a guest including any violations of college policies and/or any damage to college property is ultimately the responsibility of the host. All visitors must have an escort while visiting on floors of residence halls. Unescorted guests will be asked to leave the campus.

Roommates should be consulted prior to inviting guests to stay overnight in the residence halls. If a roommate does not want visitors to stay in the room, other arrangements should be made.