Juniata considers as serious the possession and misuse of illegal or dangerous drugs. If there is involvement, disciplinary action will be taken which could lead to separation from the College. The College is not a sanctuary from the law and will not impede the efforts of law enforcement officials who are investigating the involvement of persons with illegal or dangerous drugs.

Since the use of drugs (including alcohol) may be associated with medical and psychological problems, students may be referred, or refer themselves, to the counseling and medical resources of the College.

The abuse of alcohol and the use of illicit drugs, including steroids, can appreciably impair one's physical and mental capacity to function at the optimum level required in college. Irresponsible use of alcohol and the use of illicit drugs are inconsistent with the mission and values of Juniata College.

Several years ago Juniata College developed a program called "Responsible Alcohol Choices" (RAC). The program is educational and informational in nature and stresses the importance of the responsible use of alcohol. Students who have demonstrated irresponsible use of alcohol are required to successfully complete the program.

The penalties for manufacturing, distributing, and possessing controlled substances within the commonwealth are outlined in detail by Act 64 (the Controlled Substance, Drug, device, and Cosmetic Act). The penalties range from thirty days in jail and a $500 fine for a misdemeanor charge, to 15 years in jail and a $250,000 fine for a felony conviction. Specific penalties are dependent on the type and quantity of the controlled substance and any prior convictions the individual may have.