Accelerated Dual Degrees: Bachelors and Masters in Four Years!

At Juniata, students can complete a 3-year bachelor’s program in select areas, and then continue into a 1-year MBA or Org Leadership master’s program. With this pathway, students  complete both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in just 4 years. To complete both a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree by the end of year 4, students would need to take 5 to 6 classes per semester with each academic year consisting of three semesters.

Why a Dual Degree?

An accelerated program provides the obvious benefit of receiving a Masters in the fourth year of study. At a time when many students are struggling to graduate within 6 years at many institutions, students who complete this program at Juniata receive a bachelors from a highly ranked Liberal-arts school in just three years and a Masters in the fourth year. This results in many financial, and academic benefits. 

The financial advantage:

  • Save on tuition cost to achieve two degrees at an accelerated pace
  • Enter the workforce early by completing your degree program at least one year sooner
  • Benefit from an extra year's worth of earnings
  • For the first three years, benefit from competitive undergraduate merit scholarships offerings and in year four as a graduate student, access to federal financial aid for your masters, along with the Juniata College Alumni per-credit rate.

The academic advantage:

  • Benefit from Juniata's renowned faculty at a top ranked liberal-arts college
  • Access to professors with real world experiences and career building opportunities
  • Flexible graduate learning; Online and in-person
  • Dedicated professor that helps students cultivate personal branding - resume writing, online profile, interview preparation, internship / job hunting

The advantage of experience:

  • Over 91% of Juniata Students have at least two "High Impact" practices - such as an internship, research with a faculty, study abroad, or community engaged learning.
  • Leadership opportunities in faculty-student partnerships
  • The ability to balance a full co-curricular experience (e.g., participation in clubs, sports, other interests) that is available to all Juniata students.
  • For-credit internship placement

How to Apply:

Students must apply for this program during the senior year of High School by applying to Juniata via the Common Application or the Juniata Application. To qualify for this program, students must express an interest, have a GPA above a 3.5. For questions on the application, please contact or speak with your admissions counselor.

Available Programs

Additional Programs Available*

  • Communication + Organizational Leadership
  • Chemistry + MBA
  • Environmental Science + Applied Ecology and Natural Resources Management
  • Fisheries and Aquatics + Applied Ecology and Natural Resources Management
  • Psychology + MBA
  • Psychology + Organizational Leadership
  • Integrated Media Arts + MBA
  • Integrated Media Arts + Organizational Leadership
  • Wildlife Conservation + Applied Ecology and Natural Resources Management

*For course listings, please contact Jason Moran (info below)



Jason Moran

Jason Moran 

  • Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing

Jason Moran 

  • Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing