The College is not responsible for theft or damage to parked vehicles on College property, however, if you’re vehicle is damaged or items are stolen from your vehicle, contact The Public Safety Office immediately so incident report can be filed and an investigation can be performed.

Vehicle Registration

It is the responsibility of the decal holder to know these regulations. Lack of knowledge of these registration and parking regulations will not be justification for appealing parking citations.

All students and employees who bring motor vehicles to the college area, whether to the campus itself or not, must register their cars, motorcycles, motor scooters or motor bikes with the Office of Public Safety.  The online vehicle  registration form can be accessed by following the link on the home page of the Public Safety’s website.  Upon approval of the registration form, a display sticker is issued and should be placed on the left side of the students rear bumper. Failure to register a vehicle by a student results in a fine.

Employees will receive a decal after registering their vehicle (s) and it should be placed on the inside of the back rear window of the vehicle.

Unregistered vehicles may be ticketed. Our neighbors and the Huntingdon Police Department have asked for our cooperation in regulating street parking near the campus. If a vehicle is damaged or vandalized, or if a vehicle is parked in a manner that obstructs traffic (such as a truck trying to make a tight turn), it is helpful to know if that vehicle belongs to a Juniata College student.

Students must register their vehicles by the close of business day, of drop/add.

Unauthorized/unlicensed motor vehicles (mopeds, motorized scooters, dirt bikes, ATVs etc.) are not permitted to operate on college property, including college-owned streets, walkways and hiking trails. This restriction does not apply to authorized mobility assistance for individuals with special needs nor to college-owned golf carts and utility vehicles assisting with college operations.

Upon approval of the motorized vehicle registration form, a display decal is issued and should be placed on the left side of the rear bumper.

Vehicle registration must be completed on line prior to receipt of a display decal. Completing the vehicle registration online indicates that the vehicle owner/operator will follow all rules and regulations outlined in this information. No one is permitted to loan, re-sell, tamper with or otherwise permit the use of the decal on other then the registered vehicle. Registration decals are issued to a specific vehicle, and may not be transferred to any other vehicle. It is the responsibility of the decal holder to replace any missing or stolen decal.

A current vehicle registration decal properly displayed (left side, rear bumper) entitles students, faculty and staff to park in designated parking areas only. Parking in unauthorized areas subjects the violator to a $10.00 fine.

Individuals to whom registration decals are issued are responsible for all parking/traffic violations associated with their vehicle, regardless of who is driving the vehicle.


The vehicle registration fee is: $125.00 
The vehicle registration is billed to the students tuition account, during the processing procedure.

The registration decal is valid for the entire academic year.

Parking spaces cannot be guaranteed to decal holders based on the limited amount of parking spaces available. The purchase of a decal entitles an individual to park on College property if there is a legal parking space available.

Faculty and staff are not charged for vehicle registration.

Parking on campus is considered a privilege.

Temporary Vehicle Registrations

Temporary vehicle registrations are available to individuals for 2 weeks each semester. They are not intended to replace the proper registration or placing a decal on the vehicle. Temporary vehicle registrations are free.

Failure to register your vehicle will result in a $40.00 fine each time cited.

Fines and Violations

The following is a list of parking/traffic violations and costs

  1. Vehicle improperly parked $ 10 .00
  2. Overtime Parking $ 10.00
  3. Parking in unauthorized areas $20.00
  4. Hindering street maintenance $20.00
  5. Parking against traffic $20.00
  6. Parking in crosswalk $20.00
  7. Parking in service/loading area $25.00
  8. Obstructing traffic $25.00
  9. Vehicle without college registration $40.00
  10. Parking in designated handicapped area $40.00
  11. Parking in Fire Lane $40.00
  12. Operating/Parking on lawns or walkways $40.00
  13. Failure to provide pedestrians the right-of-way $40.00
  14. Failure to comply with traffic devices $40.00
  15. Unsafe operation of motor vehicle $40.00
  16. Other PA. Vehicle code violation $40.00


Juniata College reserves the right to revoke parking and motor vehicle privileges for repeat offenders of parking violation or motor vehicle violations. Any parking or traffic violations in College owned vehicles would be the responsibility of the user of the vehicle at that time.

Student Parking. 

  • 18 Washington Resident -- 4 spaces
  • 1610 Moore Resident -- 5 spaces
  • South Hall parking lot -- 158 spaces, 10 reserved
  • 19th Street -- 19 spaces, 1 handicap
  • KSRC Main Lot -- 41 spaces NO OVERNIGHT PARKING
  • Oneida Street -- 13 spaces
  • 17th Street -- 15 and 1 handicap
  • Scott Street --40 spaces, 2 handicap, 2 visitors
  • Tussey Hall parking lot -- 24 spaces.
  • Terrace Hall parking lot -- 19 spaces, 2 handicaps.
  • Sunderland Hall parking lot -- (west) 18 spaces, 1 handicap.
  • Sunderland Hall parking lot -- (east) 16 spaces, 1 handicap.
  • Sherwood Hall parking lot -- 4 spaces.
  • East Houses Muddy Run parking lot -- 88 spaces
  • East Houses front parking lot -- 30 spaces, 1 handicap
  • East Houses rear parking lot -- 19 spaces
  • College Ave parking lot -- 21 spaces
  • Winton Hill parking lot -- 81 spaces, 3 handicaps.
  • Enrollment Visitor Lot 11 (front) only from 5:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m.
  • Good Hall:  from 5:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. --ONLY
  • BAC -- Dale Hall: from 5:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. --ONLY
  • BAC--- from 5:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. --ONLY
Faculty and Staff
  • 19th parking lot -- 20 spaces 1 handicap.
  • Carnegie Hall 2 spaces -- 1 handicap space.
  • Good Hall parking lot -- 58 spaces, 4 handicap. 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.
    • BAC rear lot -- 27 spaces, 2 Field Station,1 handicap. 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.
  • BAC (alley area rear) -- 2 spaces, 1 handicap.
  • BAC (Dale Hall) lot -- 15 spaces 1 handicap 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.
  • Enrollment Center (rear) -- 10 spaces.
  • Oller Hall parking lot -- 34 spaces, 1 handicap, 1 motorcycle
  • VLSC Circle --- 2 handicap
  • 1923 Moore- 11 spaces
  • Unity House - 2
  • Baker House - 6
  • Health & Wellness - 8

Students are not permitted to park in any of the faculty, staff and visitors parking lots except where so noted.

Visitor Parking

Visitors who receive three parking/traffic fines will lose their parking privileges on campus and will be asked to remove their vehicle from campus. Failure to comply with this request may result in their vehicle being towed. Temporary visitors registration forms can be obtain from the Security Officer at no cost.

Temporary Parking

If a vehicle is temporarily parked for loading or unloading purposes the 4-way emergency flashers must be activated, and the driver must be available to move the vehicle in the event of an emergency. Otherwise a citation will be issued. Temporary parking is limited to 15 minutes or less.

Handicapped Parking

Handicapped parking is provided within a close proximity of all buildings on campus. Vehicles parking in designated handicapped spaces must display a valid handicapped permit or handicapped license plate. Unauthorized vehicles parked in a handicapped space will result in a $40.00 fine.

Vehicle Removal

The College reserves the right to have removed from its property abandoned vehicles, vehicles with out a valid current license plate displayed, and vehicles parked in such away as to constitute a serious hazard to vehicular or pedestrian traffic or to the movement and operation of emergency vehicles. The owner or operator will be responsible for all cost involved in removal of such vehicle. The College will assume no responsibility whatsoever for damage to any vehicles that were ordered removed from campus by the College or for the contents of such vehicles.

Payment of Fines

All fines may be paid at the Public Safety Office in Ellis Hall during regular office hours, Monday thru Friday 8:30 a.m. till 4:30 p.m. You may also mail the payment in the envelope provided via US mail or drop it into Intra College mail. Fines not paid within five calendar days will be charges to the students’ account, at which time the student must then pay the fine at the Bursar Office.


All citations must be paid or appealed with five calendar days from the day the citation was issued. Appeal forms are available in the Public Safety Office. (Note: Appeals that are received after five calendar days will not be heard.) The decision of a parking appeal will be final. Saying that there was no sign indicating you could not park in a particular location is not a valid reason for illegally parking, and will not be accepted as an appeal. The Director will hear appeals for citation issued by officers.

General Traffic Regulations

In addition to the rules and regulations for operating a motor vehicle in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, there are several regulations peculiar to the Juniata campus:

  1. Pedestrians shall at all times have the right of way.
  2. All Vehicles shall operate at a safe speeds
  3. All vehicles shall comply with all traffic devices, stop signs, etc.
  4. No vehicles, including two wheel motorized vehicles shall be operated or travel over, or park on, any grass area, concrete walkway,
  5. Failure to comply with this regulation will result in a fine and may include loss of on- campus driving privileges.
  1. Improper operation of any motor vehicle within the College jurisdiction will result in a citation or revoking of motor vehicle privileges on campus

General Parking Regulations

  1. All vehicles must be registered with The Public Safety Office immediately upon parking the vehicle on campus.
  2. Vehicles must not be operated or parked on lawns, walks, etc.
  3. All vehicles must be properly parked between lines in all parking areas
  4. Vehicles that are not parked in designated areas/spaces will result in a citation
  5. Vehicles may not park in unauthorized areas.
  6. Vehicles must not park/block any fire lanes, roadways, walkway, handicap access, driveways and loading zones or any area that would inhibit the access of emergency vehicles.
  7. Vehicles may not park against traffic
  8. Vehicles may not park in yellow or blue curbed areas
  9. Short-term illegal parking- The fact that illegal parking was brief does not constitute an excuse or special circumstance.
  10. Parked in a reserved parking area without authorization will result in a citation
  11. Hindering snow removal will result in a citation