Juniata believes everyone’s leadership path is unique. This leadership program is based on this belief and intentionally broad as to accommodate each student’s individual journey through Juniata. This program is designed to leverage and enhance the experiences you are aleady participating in as a Juniata student. 

Students are encouraged to enroll in the Leadership JC program beginning in the Spring semester of their freshman year but may enroll as late as their senior year. 

Upon entering the program, all students participate in a kick-off team development event hosted on campus each fall. From there, students will enter into a cohort of their peers and participate in shared activities each semester, while forging their own path through the wide array of opportunities that students can combine to create comprehensive leadership development. 

Sophomore Cohort: One-night Sophomore Leadership Retreat
Junior Cohort: Community Engagement Experience
Senior Cohort: A Day in DC - a Day of Activism and Engagement

While in the Leadership JC Program, students will need to complete a written reflection on their leadership experiences, complete 120 hours of community service or advocacy experience, complete a one-credit leadership theory course, identify and meet with a leadership mentor on three occasions, and present on a topic of leadership expertise. 

Students must submit their completed electronic Leadership Program Checklist with supporting appendices to the Office of Student Engagement and Campus Activities by April 15 of their senior year for verification of completion. The Office of Student Engagement and Campus Activities will affirm completion of the program by May 1. 
Leadership program recipients will be honored and recognized at the annual May Day Student Leadership Appreciation Brunch.

This program is facilitated through the Office of Student Engagement and Campus Activities. Students are encouraged to reach out to SECA with any questions they may have.