Thank you for agreeing to serve as an advisor to a Registered Student Organization (RSO). While RSOs are student-run, advisors play a crucial role in supporting our students as they discover and further their passions at Juniata. The following is a quick reference guide. It is not intended to be a complete guide to policies and procedures for RSOs. 

RSO Handbook

The RSO Handbook serves as a complete reference guide for officers and for advisors. All RSOs are expected to be familiar with and adhere to information provided in the handbook. 

Role of the Advisor:

Advisors must be currently employed Juniata faculty or staff members. RSOs are expected to work with their advisors to determine how involved both parties would like to be in the club process. As a general overview, advisors typically: Serve as a sounding board for ideas, help club leadership process certain aspects of event planning, including risk, liability, and contingencies, and provide institutional knowledge, policies, and procedures


All student organizations have an account through Juniata College (format: 21-AAAAA-XXXX). RSOs are not allowed to have any outside financial accounts.

Requesting Funding

Spring Request Process

Allocations for the upcoming year are held every Spring Semester. Following the submission of all allocations requests, the Allocations Board meets, deliberates, and makes recommendations to the general Senate body for final approval of allocated funds for each RSO.

Petition for Additional Funds

Should a club need to request funds outside of the designated time frame during the Spring Semester, an RSO can fill out a petition for additional funding (Additional Funds Form) available on the SECA website. Allocations Board, in conjunction with Student Government, then determines if the request will be approved.


RSOs may use the following options on behalf of the organization:

  • Purchasing Cards (p-cards) if the club has at least $800 in the organization account
  • Accounts Payable Vouchers for check requests, invoices, cash advances, and personal reimbursements
  • Purchase Orders

Contracts and Insurance

Contracts for RSOs:

Students (RSOs) may not sign contracts on behalf of Juniata College. Any RSOs that would like to enter into a contract with performers, speakers, disc jockeys, etc. must take the contracts to the Office of Student Engagement & Campus Activities at least two weeks prior to the date of your event

To have your contract(s) processed, please schedule a meeting with the Director of SECA. When you meet with the Director, please bring the original contract and/or information that you obtained, a W-9 form (provided by the artist), and an Accounts Payable Form.  

Insurance Requirements:

Off Campus Travel

RSOs are able to travel off campus for official functions. Those driving for the organization are required to complete the vehicle safety training. The RSO must register the trip through the institution and complete a participation agreement for each member traveling. Students are strongly encouraged to reserve college vehicles through Facilities Services or through Enterprise under Juniata College. Students traveling in personal vehicles for RSO purposes will not be covered under the college’s insurance.

Risk and Safety

Safety Procedures

RSOs are required to remain compliant with all corresponding league and national organization safety requirements. The college reserves the right to require additional safety procedures, protocols, and personnel for practices, matches, and events. 

Inspection and Maintenance

RSO owned equipment which is deemed necessary for safety of participants must be inspected annually at the beginning of the Fall Semester. Clubs must arrange with the Director of Student Engagement and Campus Activities directly following the Fall In-Service.

High Risk Activities

The college may review any RSO activities and events for risk and may work with the organization to mitigate the risk. Activities that are deemed to be too high risk may not be permitted by the college.


If you have any questions regarding your role as an advisor or as the year progresses, please contact Erin Paschal, Director of Student Engagement and Campus Activities, at paschae@juniata.eduor 814-641-3331.