Juniata believes everyone’s leadership path is unique. Through engagement in our campus and broader community, Juniata students are able to create their individual leadership journey. The Office and Student Engagement and Campus Activities aims to help students discover their passions, pursue meaning, and become global citizens through these leadership experiences. 

Our Juniata student leaders can join our Leadership JC program to expand their experiences and join a cohort of leaders, be recognized through our national leadership honor societies, and participate in numerous leadership opportunities and experiences. 


Juniata Leadership Philosophy Statement:

Juniata College posits leadership as a developmental, experiential, collaborative, and on-going process in which everyone has leadership capacity to effect change through formal and informal roles. 

We believe Juniata leaders are:  

  • Ethical 
    • Upholds standards of conduct and exemplifies decision-making skills based on community values through actions that promote productivity, trust, fairness, and well-being of others
    • Enables others to lead congruently with their values while respecting community standards
  • Aware 
    • Explores, grows and develops one’s own character, feelings, motives, desires, and skills in pursuit of self-discovery
    • Displays the capacity to be mindful of, manage, and express one's emotions
    • Handles interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically through cultivation of emotional intelligence
  • Communicative 
    • Practices strategies to effectively communicate with others, one-on-one, in groups, and/or in front of large audiences
      • Verbal communication
      • Non-verbal communication 
      • Written
      • Conflict mediation 
      • Debate and disagreement 
    • Engages others in dialogue, decision-making, and reflection
  • Advocates 
    • Actively engages questions of equity, fairness, and justice in pursuit of determining and refining one’s belief system
    • Pursues a life of democratic citizenship and acts in congruence with and promulgation of one’s belief system 
  • Adaptable
    • Demonstrates an improvisational, interdisciplinary, and multidirectional leadership style when confronting complex challenges