Looking for a new community? Join us at  LobsterFest! Engage with various RSOs and find your niche on campus. 

The event will be held on September 5 and will feature a variety of campus clubs and organizations. Involvement Fair: 3pm-5pm and Picnic Dinner: 5 - 6:30pm. Can't find an RSO that you're interested in? Access the RSO Resources page and start your own club on campus!

Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Student Engagement & Campus Activities at Juniata College is dedicated to creating a supportive and inclusive environment on campus that complements the academic experience, connects and engages all students, cultivates a rich, fulfilling social experience, and provides opportunities for on-going personal and professional development.


Community: SECA is committed to finding and creating opportunities for all students to interact with their college community according to their interests, strengths, and activities.

Diversity and Social Justice: JC is dedicated to creating a campus inclusive of all forms of diversity.  SECA commits to valuing all aspects of diversity in our programming and as well fostering a greater understanding of diversity through intentional learning opportunities and programming.

Student Leadership and Development: As educational partners within the Juniata College community, SECA is committed to providing intentional learning opportunities in accordance with best practices, student development theory, and leadership development theory.

Wellness: SECA is dedicated to supporting a holistic understanding and development of wellness, including balance, connection, rejuvenation, and physical activity.