1. Important - Supervisors please make sure you have notified Financial Planning by May 10th any students that you could hire at anytime during the summer. Please Note: This includes students who will be coming back the week before classes resume. Provide a list of "possible" employees even if you have not confirmed that they will be working. This list will allow Financial Planning to get students signed up for SWSP just in case they do work over the summer.
  2. New hires will need to complete tax paperwork, training and the online authorization. See the link under the Student Employment area for New Student Employee on the payroll webpage. 
  3. STUDENT ONLINE AUTHORIZATIONS: Students working over the summer and/or next academic year at minimum wage ($7.25) will need to complete a new online authorization.  Please note: students to be paid by stipend or receiving the IT summer rate will NOT complete the Student Online Authorization (follow step 4 or 5 below).  
    • Summer employment officially begins the day after finals end. Do not enter a start date prior to this date for summer work. Students working over the summer and the following academic year will need to complete two authorizations, one for summer and the second for the academic year.  The academic year begins the first day of classes. Students returning to work prior to the first day of classes will need to complete an additional authorization. 
    • Employment not confirmed prior to summer will be terminated. If you are termed and return to work next year, you will need to complete an authorization the day prior to beginning work next academic year. 
  4. The Supervisor for students to be paid via a stipend or those receiving the IT summer pay rate must submit an Authorization for Letter of Employment or Stipend (listed under Hiring Process on Human Resources web page), three weeks prior to the pay date listed under the student Pay Schedule in order to assure timely payment. Students receiving stipends are not eligible to also receive hourly pay. These students should not complete the student online authorization for summer employment.
  5. The Student Employment area of the payroll web page includes additional instructions for students, supervisors, ADP training, online authorization, etc.

    If an hourly paid student is unable to log in to ADP and you believe they have completed everything necessary, please contact Cathy Closz, Human Resources Specialist. Please contact with any other questions.