Steps For Returning to Work on Campus

  1. STUDENT AUTHORIZATIONS (a/k/a Blue Cards): For hourly employment, the student completes the authorization and it is sent to the supervisor listed for approval. An e-mail will be sent when the supervisor has approved the authorization and it is submitted to Human Resources for processing. Please make sure authorization has received your supervisor's approval by noon the day prior to your hire date. Authorizations are processed daily, although students will not be hired until Financial Aid provides the student's work study eligibility status. You will receive notifications if anything is needed to process your employment and again when it has been received. Therefore students should not begin working until they receive an e-mail notification from Human Resources that the authorization has been "processed."

  2. ADP: Students paid hourly must record time worked in ADP. By law, the hours must be recorded on the actual days and times you work. ADP Training Resources are available for your review. If you have access to ADP but cannot to enter hours, please review your authorization to make sure it has been "processed." As a prior employee you will have access to ADP, but you will not have access to the timekeeping area until your employment is processed. Please contact payroll if you have any timekeeping questions or problems.

  3. If your direct deposit account has changed over the summer please submit a new form to payroll immediately.  Direct Deposit Forms are available on the payroll webpage.   

  4. Students will be paid biweekly and have a week long approval window.  If your timecard is accurate and ready, please have your approvals completed by the Tuesday following your pay period. If you have any problems with your timecard notify your supervisor (no later than Tuesday), so they have time to adjust your timecard before payroll is processed. Students and supervisors must have approvals completed and timecards in order by Friday.
  5. Pay statements will be available on the Home page of your ADP dashboard.

  6. Hours Worked Policy - While classes are in session students are permitted to work up to 35 hours each two week/biweekly pay period.

If you have any questions you may contact the Payroll Office or call Melinda Bowser x3303.