How to Hire A Student Employee:


Your students must complete all paperwork approximately two days prior to when you expect your student to begin working.  It is your responsibility to make sure they have completed the three items below prior to allowing them to begin work.  Links on the payroll webpage include instructions, training, online authorization, etc.

  1. Authorizations
        • Online Authorization - Most students need to complete the online authorization.  The Online Authorization is the key, once this is marked as "processed" (not just approved by you) your student may begin working.  You will be sent a notification via e-mail if there are paperwork issues.  Once the student has completed the online authorization, you will receive an e-mail requesting approval. The hiring process requires multiple steps with multiple people, so the earlier your student completes the required paperwork the better. If your student has not worked on campus before completing paperwork three business days prior to their hire date would be advised, so they will have access to ADP on their hire date.
        • Authorization for Stipend - Students who receive stipends, especially during the summer, cannot also work hourly for another department. Stipends for students are allowed on a very limited basis, due to Wage and Hour Laws. If the stipend you wish to process is not a routinely approved position, please consult with HR for approval prior to submitting the Authorization for Letter of Employment or Stipend form.  If your student worker will be paid by stipend, please make sure they have no other jobs on campus.
  2. Paperwork - Students who have not worked on campus previously must complete tax paperwork and return it to HR. Please direct your students to the Student Employment area of the payroll webpage and have them click the New Employee or Returning Employee link and follow the instructions provided to complete the proper paperwork.
    • If your student has not completed tax paperwork you will receive a notification via e-mail that they are not eligible to work on campus yet. The letters "PP" for paperwork pending will also show at the end of their Student Online Authorization. Once it has been completed you will receive another notification that it is complete and they may now begin working. Don't allow a student to work until you receive this e-mail…no exceptions. This paperwork is required by law and Juniata can receive substantial penalties for not having it completed timely.
  3. ADP - Students who are paid on an hourly basis will need to punch in and out each day using ADP, our online timekeeping system. Once hired they will be provided with information to register for access to ADP and a training document on how to enter and approve their time cards.
  4. Supervisors should approve time cards after the end of each pay period. Students and supervisors have a week following the pay period ending to make adjustments and approve timecards.

If you have questions regarding the hiring process please contact the Human Resources Office x3198.