The Landmark Conference and Centennial Conference Codes of Conduct are considered integral parts of Juniata policy for all athletes and coaches.

  • Principles of Ethical Conduct:  Juniata College, the NCAA and our conferences do not condone unsportsmanlike- conduct on the part of any student/athlete, coach, administrator, spectators, or any other individual associated with our intercollegiate athletics contests.  All such persons will conduct themselves in such a manner to represent the highest level of honor, dignity, and fair play.
  • The head coach of each sport is the primary agent for promoting and controlling sportsman-like behavior on the part of his/her own team.  The head coach and designated game manager are dually responsible for promoting a sportsman-like atmosphere among spectators at the contest site.
  • Un-sportsman-like conduct at conference contests:  Our conferences will not tolerate such conduct; violators shall be disciplined by the institution with which they are associated, but may be referred to the appropriate games committee and/or commissioner for action.  The following acts are among those considered unsportsmanlike:
    • Verbal or physical abuse of an official, opposing coach or player, or conference representative by athletes, coaches or spectators.
    • Intentional incitement of participants or spectators to abusive or violent action.
    • Use of obscene gestures, profanity, or unduly provocative language (including racist, sexist and bigoted remarks) by players, coaches or spectators towards officials, opponents, or spectators.
    • Excessive criticism of any official, conference official or personnel, another coach or team, or another institution and its personnel.
    • Use of artificial noisemakers, including air horns and electronic amplifiers.  (Note: no music is permitted when a ball is in play.)  Violators will be warned upon a first offense, and ejected upon a second violation at the same event.

Notification of conference infractions:  Member institutions shall promptly notify the appropriate conference office and athletic directors of any institutions involved in any action taken against any individual as a result of unsportsmanlike-like conduct.  If a member institution believes that an individual from another institution should be disciplined for unsportsmanlike-like conduct, it shall notify the institution, identifying name(s) of those involved and the details of the complaint.  The recipient Athletic Director shall investigate the matter and notify the former institution and the Executive Director of the results of the investigation, including actions taken to discipline the individuals or the reason(s) why no action was taken.  All such investigations must be completed within 45 days of the receipt of the original correspondence.