Campus visits are an excellent opportunity for prospective student-athletes to learn about life at Juniata College.  Following are Athletics Department policies designed to assist coaches with effective recruiting while protecting the College and the current student body.

The NCAA defines a recruiting visit in two ways.  An Official Visit to a member institution by a prospective student athlete (PSA) is a visit financed in whole or in part by the member institution, or by a representative of the institutions athletic interests.  An Unofficial Visit to a member institution by a PSA is a visit made at the PSA’s own expense.

Official Visit –

  • We may finance only one visit to campus for a PSA.
  • A PSA may not be provided an official visit earlier than the opening day of classes of the PSA’s senior year in high school.
  • An Official visit shall not exceed 48 hours in duration.
  • Coaches should keep record of official visits for NCAA monitoring purposes.
  • Please see Compliance Officer for any questions or additional details about the Official Visit.

Unofficial Visit –

  • A PSA may visit campus at his or her own expense an unlimited number of times.
  • Coaches should keep record of unofficial visits for NCAA monitoring purposes.
  • Please see Compliance Officer for any questions or additional details about the Unofficial Visit.

For either type of visit, please adhere to the following guidelines.

  • Hosts must be resident (on-campus) students.
  • The number of prospective student-athletes (PSAs) per host allowed is one (1).
  • The length of the recruiting visit is governed by NCAA rules but should be generally limited to one over-night.  Exceptions are to be approved by the Director or an Assistant Director of Athletics.
  • The Enrollment Office as well as the Student Services staff should be notified at least 48 hours ahead of a PSA’s arrival on campus.
  • PSA must remain with host at all times (outside of official functions like admissions interviews, classes, etc).
  • PSA must stay in host’s residence overnight.  Nowhere else.
  • PSA may not consume alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs at anytime during the visit.
  • Juniata College, Athletics Department, and (whatever) team policies are applicable to PSA throughout the duration of any official or unofficial visit.
  • Student host is responsible for PSA and his/her behavior during the visit.  Any violation of athletics policy or the JC Code of Conduct is a reflection on the student host.
  • Failure to follow these guidelines and policies may result in the loss of overnight recruiting visits for that particular sport.  PSA’s in violation of college policy or state law may be denied admission to the college, lose eligibility at Juniata College, and receive (along with parents) warnings/sanctions from the Dean of Students’ office.