• Practice Gear and Uniforms
    Athletes are responsible for all items of equipment issued be the equipment manager and/or the coaching staffs of his or her sport.  This responsibility extends to items that are lost on trips or while being laundered.
  • Each athlete shall be provided with the appropriate equipment and uniform for the sport in which he/she will be participating.  Competition uniforms issued to an athlete are to be worn only while participating in sports events and while traveling to and from sport events.
  • The athlete's name and the issue numbers of each item checked out are to be recorded by the equipment manager.
  • Each athlete shall be responsible for the exact uniform items issued to him/her throughout the season.  Normal wear and tear on items is expected, however, the athlete must replace items, which appear to be abnormally abused or lost. 
  • An athlete will be billed for articles lost or ruined during the season.
  • Prior to each event or practice the equipment manager will issue uniforms directly to athletes or through the coaching staff.  And following each event or practice each uniform should be immediately turned back in to the equipment manager for laundering.  Athletes and coaches should not attempt to launder game uniforms unless prior approval is given by the equipment manager.
  • All uniforms are checked in by the coach to the equipment manager at the conclusion of the season.  This is to be done during the week immediately following the last event. At this time, the athletes will receive a list of all equipment that has been damaged or lost and the arrangement for billing.

Locker Rooms

  • Head Coaches are ultimately responsible for keeping their locker rooms orderly.   Towels, tape, trash, etc. should be cleaned by athletes but coaches are accountable to the Equipment Manager for the condition of their respective locker rooms.
  • Use of a locker room is a team privilege and pride should be taken in it during their season.  Irresponsible use of varsity locker rooms will result 1st in a warning from the Equipment Manager and with continued violations, expulsion.
  • Athletes are responsible for locking their valuables in the secure areas of their lockers.
  • Varsity locker rooms will also be used by visiting teams.  Athletes should allow for occasional use by outside teams.
  • Locker Door Codes are issued and are to be kept confidential by athletes.  Key Pads are for athletes’ benefit and that system should not be abused.
  • Motivational messages and/or music must be appropriate both in language and volume.
  • At seasons’ end lockers are to be cleaned and vacated.  Instructions for equipment return and removal of all personal items from locker is done at the direction of the equipment manager.
  • Coaches will assist and work with equipment manager for smooth evacuation of a locker room upon the completion of a season.