As per policy memo “Camps” of 8/4/03, this clarifies some things about athletics sports camps and clinics held at Juniata.  More and more Juniata coaches are hosting camps and that is a wonderful thing.  Nevertheless it is important to understand that while camps should be profitable for coaches in many different ways, they will be outside the purview of the Department of Athletics.   Coaches should work closely with the Camps & Conferences Office to arrange things like mailings, printing, copying, work requests, insurances, meals, housing, equipment purchases, personnel matters (including the hiring of trainers, student workers and lifeguards), facilities requests, etc.

Coaches should not ask athletics personnel and support staff on athletics department time to help arrange, run or facilitate camp operations.  Intercollegiate Athletics Department business should be kept separate from camp business.   There are no expectations for the athletics department equipment, strength, office or sports medicine staffs to provide time or service for summer camps.  Coaches are on their own, in liaison with the conferences office, to arrange for and hire trainers.  The Juniata ATC Trainers can likely be a helpful resource in securing certified or student trainers if they are given enough notice.   Coaches should at the same time recognize that it would be assuming an unacceptably high risk of extreme personal and institutional liability to arrange any size camp for any age group without proper on-site medical coverage.  The going summer rate as of June, 2010 for an ATC Trainer in Central Pennsylvania is $35/hour.  These costs should be re-measured annually and factored into pricing and reimbursement arrangements with the camps & conferences office as coaches prepare for future camps.