Getting the Word Out!

  1. Chalk sidewalks
  2. Put signs on orange cones
  3. Door hangers
  4. 1/4 sheets under windshield wipers
  5. Write on students' white boards
  6. Make up stickers and distribute
  7. 1/4 sheet of paper under doors or in mailboxes
  8. Have RA on duty spread the word while on rounds
  9. The Juniatian
  10. Flyers on bike racks
  11. Balloons around campus with the event information
  12. Write on something different! (Monopoly money, playing cards, etc)
  13. Distribute info during meals
  14. Signature of your e-mail
  15. Send an e-mail to or
  16. Signs in the sand of the cigarette butt boxes
  17. Napkin Dispensers (obtain approval from Parkhurst)
  18. Signs out of second floor Ellis Hall windows or in the stairwells of Ellis Hall
  19. Hang sheets with your program information between trees
  20. Create a commercial for your program to be shown before JAB movies
  21. Have the Juniata College Eagle walk around with a sandwich board advertising your program
  22. Write information on paper bags, fill with sand, and display around campus
  23. Use dry erase markers on mirrors
  24. Sign over balcony in VLB (obtain permission first)
  25. Write on the white boards in classrooms
  26. Footprints leading to the event
  27. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest
  28. Teasers in mailboxes and other locations on campus
  29. WKVR
  30. Lollipops with a message
  31. Write on Frisbees (hand out)
  32. Overhead projectors in classrooms
  33. Write on package slips
  34. Flags - place throughout campus
  35. Make announcements at other events
  36. Use cut-outs or 3D objects to grab people's attention
  37. Turn flyers into paper airplanes then throw them into open rooms
  38. Easel in Ellis Hall lobby
  39. Hang signs from ceilings
  40. Leave notes on people's backpacks
  41. Take over an entire bulletin board
  42. SnapChat
  43. Cover a resident(s) door
  44. Phone chains
  45. Signs in bathrooms
  46. Find some old t-shirts reverse them, write the info & have students wear
  47. Tape record a message and play from your room
  48. Cover the halls with post-it notes
  49. Hang the advertisements from beaded or candy necklaces and pass out for people to wear