2013 Steering Committee

Responsibilities of the Steering Committee

  1. Determining the key issues for self-study
  2. Preparing the design (the DSS report)
  3. Developing charges to working groups (subcommittees) to work on the various issues to be studied
    1. Note: Working Groups
      1. Examine existing data and evaluative reports
      2. Gather new data
      3. Prepare draft evaluative reports on their assigned topics
  4. Coordinating the work of working groups and editing their reports
  5. Ensuring that the timetable is met as planned
  6. Arranging for campus hearings to review drafts of the self-study
  7. Overseeing completion of the final report

Committee Members

  • James Lakso (co-chair), Provost and Executive Vice President of Student Development
  • Gabriel Welsch (co-chair), Vice President for Advancement and Marketing
  • Kathryn Westcott (co-chair), Assistant Provost and Associate Professor of Psychology
  • Kris R. Clarkson, Dean of Students
  • Jenifer Cushman, Dean of International Education and Associate Professor of German
  • Alison Fletcher, Associate Professor of History
  • David Fusco, Vice President, Chief Information Officer, Computer and Network Services
  • John Hille, Executive Vice President for Enrollment and Retention
  • David Hsiung, Dr. Charles R. and Shirley A. Knox Chair in History
  • Dennis Johnson, George Fritz Bechschmidt '54 Professorship in Environmental Science
  • Dominic Peruso, Professor of Accounting, Business and Economics
  • Susan Prill, Associate Professor of Religion
  • Carlee Ranalli, Director of Institutional Research
  • Pat Weaver, Professor of Accounting, Business and Economics
  • Daniel Welliver, Associate Professor of Sociology
  • Robert Yelnosky, Vice President for Finance and Operations
  • Timothy Berguson, Student Representative
  • Mary Shedlock, Student Representative