Division: Accounting, Business & Economics

Division Head/Department Chair: Tracy Stough Grajewski

Division: Humanities

Division Head: Amy Mathur
  • Department: English
    • Chair: Amy Mathur
  • Department: History and Art History
    • Chair: Belle Tuten
  • Department: Philosophy and Religious Studies
    • Chair: Susan Prill
  • Department: World Languages and Cultures
    • Chair: Amy Frazier-Yoder

Division: Math & Computer Science

Division Head: Henry Escuadro
  • Department: Information Technology and Computer Science
    • Chair: John Wright
  • Department: Mathematics
    • Chair: Henry Escuadro

Division: Natural Sciences

Division Head: Uma Ramakrishnan
  • Department: Biology
    • Chair: Randy Bennett
  • Department: Chemistry and Biochemistry
    • Chair: Ursula Williams
  • Department: Environmental Science and Studies
    • Chair: Uma Ramakrishnan
  • Department: Geology
    • Chair: Ryan Mathur
  • Department: Physics
    • Chair: Jim Borgardt

Division: Social Sciences

Division Head: Phil Dunwoody
  • Department: Communication
    • Chair: Sarah Worley
  • Department: Education
    • Chair: Phil Dunwoody 
  • Department: Peace and Conflict Studies
    • Chair: Zia Haque
  • Department: Politics
    • Chair: Dennis Plane
  • Department: Psychology
    • Chair: Kathy Westcott
  • Department: Social Work, Criminal Justice, and Sociology
    • Chair: LeeAnn DeShong-Cook

Division: Visual & Performing Arts

Division Head: Bethany Benson
  • Department: Art
    • Chair: Bethany Benson
  • Department: Music
    • Chair: Bethany Benson