Juniata's mission is to provide an engaging personalized educational experience empowering our students to develop the skills, knowledge, and values that lead to a fulfilling life of service and ethical leadership in the global community.

Through curricular and co-curricular experiences that emphasize strong mentoring, undergraduate research, and experiential learning, Juniata seeks to foster graduates who pursue knowledge, act ethically, and engage with the world through interdisciplinary and intercultural lenses.

A Juniata graduate will demonstrate:

Knowledge and Skills

  • The skills needed to engage effectively with and adapt to a changing world
  • Depth of knowledge in an academic field
  • Critical engagement with and respect for multiple cultural traditions and human diversity

Intellectual Engagement

  • Analytical and creative thinking, critical questioning, and examination of evidence
  • Intellectual curiosity and an openness to exploring challenging questions


  • Integration of knowledge and skills from multiple disciplinary approaches to address questions or problems
  • Different ways of knowing about the self, aesthetics, human cultures, and the social and natural worlds

Ethical Behavior

  • Knowledge of multiple ethical traditions and an informed vision of a just society
  • The capacity to act ethically with empathy, honesty, and responsibility

Engagement with the Self and the World

  • Collaborative work in cultural settings from local to global
  • Engaged citizenship and respectful interactions
  • Understanding of how a holistic and intentional approach to life fosters wellbeing