Eligibility: this program applies to faculty who are appointed to tenure or tenure-track positions.

SHORT TERM DISABILITY WITH FULL PAY: A short term disability leave with full pay,based on the medical condition of giving birth, is available to any FT pregnant faculty member per the short term disability plan. The individual can be given time off with full pay for the amount of time(generally six weeks) certified by a doctor as medically disabled due to childbirth or related medical condition(s).


Option A: Leave of absence for full semester due to childbirth or adoption during that semester orwithin six weeks of the first day of classes: the faculty member designated primary caregiver whotakes a full fall or spring semester off to give birth to a child or to adopt a child during that semester orwithin six weeks of the first day of classes is eligible for half pay for six months with full benefits. This works out to 75% of total salary to be paid over the full year, assuming s/he returns to a full load of teaching in the subsequent semester.

Option B: Birth of a child or adoption of a child without interruption of service in the classroom: thecurrent* faculty member designated primary caregiver who gives birth to a child or adopts a child withoutinterruption of service in the classroom is eligible for a course reduction of one course in the next semesterwhen s/he returns to the classroom. For instance: a faculty member (primary caregiver) who gives birth oradopts during the December break is eligible for a course reduction the following spring semester. A facultymember (primary caregiver) who gives birth or adopts while on a sabbatical spring semester is eligible for acourse reduction the following fall semester.


Birth of a child or adoption of a child: the current* faculty member designated SECONDARY caregiver whose partner gives birth to a child or who adopts a child also has the options A or B as outlined above.

Notes for application:

  1. Approval of the Provost is required for exercise of options A and B.
  2. These options are mutually exclusive, including the receipt of short term disability.  In  other words, a faculty member could not get the semester off at ½ pay option PLUS the option of course reduction, nor, as well, weeks at full pay as disability.  Only one option can be exercised per pregnancy or, for options A and B, adoption.
  3. These options are not deferrable: if a faculty member elects not to take the semester off when the birth or adoption occurs the option cannot then be used in subsequent semesters.
  4. Options A and B for primary caregiver and the option for secondary caregivers are also available to newly hired tenure track faculty members who give birth or adopt in the time between receipt of a fully signed letter of appointment and the start as classes, as applicable. The existence of these options does not imply that health benefits commence any sooner than is appropriate per the usual schedule.
  5. Leaves exercised under this program will run concurrently with FMLA leave when applicable, for those who qualify.

Course overloads:  if the department chair seeks to cover the course reduction through a request for course overload or adjunct adjustment, the request will be reviewed by the Provost in the customary fashion.  The faculty member receiving the course reduction is not eligible for course overload pay. 

Other requests for additional time off will be considered consistent with the provisions of the Faculty Handbook and at the discretion of the Provost.