Effective July 1, 1999, Juniata College adopted a smoke free workplace campus policy. All Administrative building, classrooms, and individual offices are designated as smoke free.

The general purpose of the policy on smoking is to protect the health of all employees and students from the effects of second hand smoke, to project a positive image of the College and to take into consideration the appearance and maintenance of College facilities.

It is the responsibility of all members of the College Community to observe this smoking policy. Concerns relating to implementation of this policy should be referred to the Director of Human Resources. If supervising managers observe violations, they must remind offenders of this policy lest they provide tacit approval of the violations by their silence. Administrators and supervisors have an obligation to be aware of College policies, to support them, and to ensure that all College personnel are likewise aware of their responsibilities. All employees are encouraged to use peer pressure to assist in the enforcement . Instances of refusal to comply with the Smoking Policy should be reported to the violator's supervisor.

The enforcement of the policy will ultimately be the responsibility of the administrative officers. It is their responsibility to determine appropriate disciplinary sanctions for violations consistent with current personnel policies and practices. Visitors to the Juniata campus are expected to comply with this Smoking Policy and all employees are asked to assist in making visitors aware of the policy in their area.