Proposed: August 22, 2016

Reviewed by the Senior Leadership Team: August 22 and September 6, 2016

Purpose: To complement Residential Life’s No Pet Policy and Disability Services’ Service Animal Policy and Emotional Support Animal Policy as well as address potential health and liability risks.

Statement:  Juniata College is committed to a safe and healthy learning and working environment that shows respect and courtesy for the entire community, and reduces the potential of health risk and facility damage.  In keeping with this commitment, pets and other animals are prohibited from all College-owned or leased buildings and from certain outdoor facilities.  The exception is that fish are permitted when kept in a 10 gallon or less aquariums.

Animals must be leashed, harnessed, or contained in a carrier at all times on campus grounds and can never be left unattended.  It is the owner’s responsibility to clean up after the animal.  This is consistent with Huntingdon Borough regulations.

This policy does not apply to service animals or live animals used for teaching and research. College-approved special events involving animals are also exempted from this policy. 

Requests by employees to have pets in off campus housing that is owned or leased by the College will be permitted at the discretion of the Director of Facilities Services with set guidelines to be followed.