April, 2010

The following are the general guiding principles for the administration of the program of exchange of tuition waivers among the Brethren Colleges relative to children of eligible full-time faculty, administration and staff members:

1. A program of tuition benefits in the form of tuition shall be available on an exchange basis among the Brethren Colleges. The exchange of tuition waiver benefits shall relate only to the undergraduate education of unmarried children (not over 24 years of age) of full-time teaching faculty members and full-time administration and staff members of the colleges. Administration and staff members shall be interpreted to include only full-time administrative officials and/or staff members. (This program does not relate to Bethany Seminary, Bethany faculty children, or Elgin staff children.) Matters of employee eligibility shall be handled by the individual institutions.

2. The Brethren Colleges shall make use of the tuition exchange process first, if available, to process the Brethren Colleges Tuition Exchange benefits so that import and export credits can be utilized by each institution.
The deadline for receipt of tuition exchange certification/applications is February 1st of the preceding year.

(Matters of academic eligibility shall be handled by the admissions teams of the importing institutions.)

3. The benefits shall relate only to basic tuition, not including general fees. All other costs to the student shall be considered as distinct from and not covered by the tuition exchange setup.

4. Relating to the Brethren Colleges Tuition Exchange only, each tuition benefits officer responsible for tuition exchange at each of the Brethren Colleges shall be responsible for sharing a report of the comparison of exports and imports between and among the six Brethren colleges. This report should be exchanged at about three year intervals.

This plan has been approved unanimously by the Church of the Brethren Colleges.