In consultation with their advisors, undergraduate students may elect to take up to 32 credits, not exceeding 8 courses, on a Pass/No Pass (P/NP) basis. Only one of these courses, not exceeding 4 credits, may be in the student’s Program of Emphasis (POE).

Students have until noon on the last day of classes of the term/session in which they are taking a course to elect the P/NP option for that course. All deadlines are local dates/times.


Summer Term 2024 P/NP forms can be submitted by clicking on the link below and submitting the form by 12:00 noon on the last day of the Summer Term course.


  1. Department chairpersons can choose courses within their departments that cannot be taken P/NP. See the restricted course list below. No master's level courses (numbered at the 500-level or above) may be taken P/NP, even when taken by an undergraduate student.

  2. Courses taken P/NP count towards fulfilling Program of Emphasis (POE) or general education requirements, provided that the student obtains a passing grade in the course.

  3. Students should consult with their academic advisors to discuss the implications of using the P/NP grading option as admission to professional programs and/or eligibility for scholarships may be affected.

  4. Instructors assign final grades without knowing if a student has chosen P/NP.

  5. Any grade above an F will be converted by the Registrar's Office to a P on the student's transcript; an F grade will be converted to NP. These conversions will occur after grades are posted to a student's grade report at the end of the semester.

  6. P/NP grades are not used in calculating a student's term or cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA). Courses taken P/NP do not count toward the 12-credit minimum needed for a student to be eligible for Dean's List in any given semester.

  7. A student requesting to use the P/NP option after the deadline or any other adjustments to the policy must petition the Student Academic Development Committee (SAD).

  8. After a P/NP grade is elected by a student, they are permitted to revert it to the earned letter grade up to the last day of classes of their graduating term (or their final term enrolled as an undergraduate student at Juniata College). Students do not need to appeal to SAD in order to do so. Students cannot retroactively shift from a letter grade to P/NP.

Courses NOT permitted to be taken Pass/No Pass

AH-492 Senior Thesis in Art History
AH-495 Internship Seminar

AR-451, 452, 453, or 454 Capstone in Art
AR-490 Art Internship
AR-495 Art Research Seminar

BI-301/301CW General Ecology Lab
BI-305/305CW Biostatistics
BI-380 Biology Research Methods
BI-489 Biology Research
BI-499 Biology Senior Thesis

CH-492 Chemistry Senior Writing Seminar
CH-493 Chemistry Senior Thesis

CM-200 Art of Public Speaking

CS-480 Computer Science Seminar I
CS-481 Computer Science Seminar II
CS-485 Computer Science Research

ED - Any pre-student teaching or student teaching course
ED-350 Science Methods
ED-403 Math Methods

HS-293 Sophomore Colloquium
HS-490 History Internship
HS-492 History Research Seminar
HS-495 Internship Seminar
HS-496 History Research Seminar II

IM-490 IMA Internship
IM-495 IMA Internship Seminar
IM-497 IMA Research

IT 307 Project Management
IT-308, 380, 480 Innovations for Industry
IT-496 IT Seminar
IT-497 IT Research

MA-210 Foundations of Mathematics
MA-480 Mathematics Seminar
MA-485 Mathematics Research

MM-480 Museum Practicum I
MM-481 Museum Practicum II

PACS-455 Honors Thesis

PC-170 Physics Engagement
PC-204 University Physics
PC-300 Modern Physics Lab
PC-307 Advanced Physics Lab

PS-155 Lobbying
PS-190A, PS-190B Mock Trial
PS-230 A,B,C,D,E Washington Center courses
PS-249 Senegambia I
PS-250 Senegambia II
PS-349 Senegambia III
PS-490 Internships
PS-491 Washington Internship
PS-492 Harrisburg Internship
PS-495 Internship Seminar
PS-497 Honors Research I
PS-498 Honors Research II
PS-499 Senior Seminar
PS-INS Independent Study

PY-366 Research Methods & Statistics
PY-415 Capstone in Psychology

*No master's level courses (numbered at the 500-level or above) may be taken Pass/No Pass, even when taken by an undergraduate student.