Resident Life at RFS

You will live in one of the two lodges at Lakeside Center on the shore of Raystown Lake. Built in 2006, these lodges provide modern comfort in a remote setting.

Davis Lodge houses 6 students in two single and two double rooms, plus the resident director in a separate apartment. Robison Lodge houses 8 students in two single and three double rooms.

Each lodge is provided with a refrigerator, and microwave, as well as couches, tables, beds, desks and all other necessary furniture.

Each lodge has wired and wireless Internet access, both to the Juniata network and a guest network. Cable is also available as it is on campus.


Meals are eaten in the lovely Shuster Hall, overlooking the lake. Students work with the cook to determine menus. Food is cooked hot and fresh and the students rave about it!

There is also a student kitchen in Shuster Hall with basic cookware, a refrigerator and an oven. Each lodge also has a small kitchen equipped with a full sized refrigerator, stove/oven, and microwave.


Access to Juniata network capabilities is just like on campus. There is wireless and wired network access in the lodges and Shuster Hall with a fiber optic connection back to campus.

You should bring your own laptop computer for the semester. If you do not have a laptop, or if yours breaks down, we will have back-up laptops available.