Aquatic Ecology   (Fall - Even Years)

Next Offered Fall 2024, 2026

Course offerings are tentative and subject to change

ESS-350 Field Research Methods

Field Methodologies is intended for students interested in gaining experience in conducting filed based ecological or environmental research. Students will be lead through the process of investigation, including the generation of research questions, research planning and design, analysis of data, and presentation methods, while giving them the opportunity to conduct independent projects. This is not a techniques/equipment training course; it will fulfill the independent study requirement of the ESS POE. This course will be particularly useful to students considering a field based senior research project. A course in statistics or ecology is highly recommended.

3 CreditsN, CTGISPrerequisites: ESS100.

ESS-399L Aquatic Ecology Lab


3 Credits  

CONN-202 Science and Society

This course on Science and Society is intended to review historical issues in science and the debate that surrounds societal decision-making. Thus, students will examine this topic from the perspective of scientific process and social inquiry. In addition, we will also review current " hot topics " in science, research these topics from various aspects including societal impacts and scientific advancements. They will also discuss potential resolutions, moving toward becoming more scientifically literate. We will also be discussing current " popular " books on related science. Ultimately, we will compare what the scientists are saying in professional journals versus the interpretation presented to the general public. NOTE: Students are expected to be in their third or fourth year when taking a Connections course.

3 CreditsCONN,CA,CW

ESS-199 Outdoor Skills and Sustainable Living

Course Description

3 Credits Prerequisites

ESS-328 Limnology

An ecology/environmental science course covering inland aquatic environments (lakes and streams). A balanced study of both physical-chemical and biological aspects, it is an appropriate upper level addition to a variety of POE's in natural sciences.

4 CreditsNTake BI105 and BI121 and ESS100 or permission of the instructor.


Total Credits: 14



 Restoration Ecology  (Spring Odd Years)

   Next Offered Spring  2025 ,2027

Course # Title Faculty Division Skills Credits
ESS 399 ST RFS ST: Watershed Restoration Merovich, G     4.00
ESS 352  RFS Restoration Ecology Drus, G (SFU)     4.00
ESS 399 RFS02  Invasive species Management Muth, N     4.00
AR 199 RFS Nature Photography Nale    WK Creative Expression 3.00
 ESS 297 RFS  Fire Ecology and Management  Bomgardner, C      2.00
Total Credits         17.00

 Forest Conservation  (Fall Odd Years)

   Next Offered Fall  2023, 2025

Course #  Title Faculty Division Skills Credits
ESS 325 RFS Conservation Biology Ramakrishnan, U     3.00
AR 199 RFS Nature Photography Nale, M    WK Creative Expression


ESS 399 RFS Drone Applications Johnson, D     4.00
ESS 340 RFS Forestry Yohn, C & Bomgardner, C.     3.00
ESS 297 RFS  Fire Ecology and Management Bomgardner, C.     2.00
Total Credits         15.00

 Wildlife Theme (Spring Even Years)

  Next Offered Spring 2024, 2026

Course # Title Faculty Division Skills Credits
BI 325 RFS Winter Dendrology Muth, N    


ESS 224 RFS Wildlife Management Ramakrishnan, U     3.00
ESS 225 RFS Wildlife Management  Techniques Russel, T     2.00
ESS-330-RFS Geo. Info systems D. Johnson     4.00
AR-203  Digital Photography Holmes, A   WK - Creative Expression 3.00
Total Credits         16.00