Appendix A: Glove Selection Guide

Chemical-resistant gloves are an important aspect of protection against hazardous materials. The performance of gloves depends on their thickness, conditions of manufacture, and material of construction. If you have questions regarding glove selection for a particular substance, read the Material Safety Data Sheet or contact the Chemical Hygiene Officer.

Chemical Family

Butyl Rubber


PVC (Vinyl)


Natural Latex

Acetates G NR NR NR NR
Acids, inorganic G E E E E
Acids, organic E E E E E
Acetonitrile, Acrylonitrile G E G S E
Alcohols E E NR E E
Aldehydes E G NR S* NR
Amines S NR NR F NR
Bases, inorganic E E E E E
Ethers G F NR E NR
Halogens (liquids) G NR F E NR
Inks G E E S F
Ketones E G NR NR G
Nitro compounds  
Oleic Acid E E F E NR
Phenols E E NR NR G
Quinones NR E G E E
Solvents, Aliphatic NR NR F G NR
Solvents, Aliphatic NR NR F F NR
S - Superior E - Excellent G - Good F - Fair NR - Not Recommended