Anastasia Ardasheva
Anastasia Ardosheva ’17, an international student from Moscow, Russia, looks through a microscope at blood samples at a hematology lab in Yale University's School of Medicine.

How to Register an Internship Using handshake_logo

For instructions and a video tutorial: How to Register an Intenship Using Handshake

 What is an Internship?

An internship is a structured learning situation where concepts learned in the classroom are applied to the realities of an on-the-job experience related to the student's POE and career goals. Internship experiences facilitate student entry into their chosen profession and can provide them with experience in state-of-the-art facilities, training on specialized equipment, income to help offset educational expenses, academic credit applied toward a degree program and a professional network. In addition, the college gains valuable feedback from employers on instruction, curricula and programs.

Juniata offers Super Internships, stipends of up to $5,000, to students participating in internship experiences in areas where living costs can be prohibitive.

What is the Purpose?

The primary purpose of an internship is to provide an educationally sound platform for the development of the student's human, social and management skills through a field-based activity. Interns receive practical training and experience in a variety of settings through cooperatively arranged placements. Interns are employed in pre-professional (not menial) positions and work side-by-side with permanent employees.

"The Career Development office has helped me to refine my resume, build cover letters, search for companies that interest me, and most importantly, secure interviews with top companies. They have given me the opportunity to succeed in the future, and I look forward to my Corporate Finance internship with UPMC for the summer of 2012."

Rob Strauss ‘13, Accounting, Verona, PA

Internships provide students with the opportunity to:

  • Evaluate fit within a particular career field
  • Gain career-related work experience
  • Develop professional work habits and skills
  • Gain confidence in abilities
  • Enhance marketability for future employment opportunities
  • Develop a network of professional contacts

In a competitive job market, career-related work experience can be the key to obtaining full-time employment following graduation. Many employers use internships as a means of identifying potential employees and "trying" them out before committing to full-time hire. A career-related internship experience can give you the edge in the employment marketplace.

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