Special Announcements

Presentations, 2023-24:

Because the pandemic conditions may still be variable for both Juniata and the schools, Language in Motion presenters will sometimes be able to come in person to work with your students while others will present synchronously via the school's preferred online platform. If your school is not admitting guests, we welcome you to request an online presentation.

Please contact us through email (lim@juniata.edu) about scheduling presenters. Note that our Fall Semester runs August 24 - December 08, 2023, and the Spring Semester will run from January 16 through May 1, 2024.

We hope you all stay safe and healthy.

Showcase and Dialogue: Teacher-Presenter Workshop

The Fall 2023 workshop at which teachers can meet and hear from the semester's presenters and share information about their students and their reasons for hosting Language in Motion presenters. The Spring Teacher Showcase will be Wednesday, January 31st at 3:45pm on Zoom. Contact us at lim@juniata.edu to join the session. 

About Language in Motion

Juniata College’s Language in Motion is a replicable model of innovative, community-engaged-learning that creates partnerships among primary and secondary school teachers and college students, faculty, and staff in order to enrich kindergarten through 12th grade (K-12) world language and culture programming while reinforcing international learning and the value of community engagement for college students. In doing so, Language in Motion demonstrates that a college education, world language competence, and study of other cultures are attainable and valuable experiences.

Program Goals:

  • Establish and maintain vigorous K-12 partnerships

  • Enrich teachers’ and students’ knowledge of language and culture

  • Provide all participants with opportunities for additional language practice and for looking at culture from different perspectives

  • Increase interest in studying languages and cultures, both at home and abroad

  • Provide young people as role models of a college education and study abroad

  • Increase visibility for the college.

Three Basic Components of Language in Motion:

Sharing the World with K-12 Students

International students, study-abroad returners, heritage speakers, and upper-level language students present in K-12 classrooms to enrich language and cultural learning and to share their understanding of another country and culture.

In French, German, Russian, and Spanish language classes and classes ranging from Social Studies and English to Art, Biology, Math, Music, and Physical Education, students have presented programs on many different cultures and their languages, including Australia, China, Czech Republic, Ecuador, France, Germany, India, Jamaica, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Russia, Rwanda, Vietnam and many more. For language classes, the teacher and presenter agree early in the semester on the level and amount of language to be used. 

Providing Professional Development Opportunities for Teachers

Professional development opportunities of several types help teachers update knowledge and skills and create local professional networks in their field. Teachers can also share in the international resources of Juniata.

These opportunities have been made possible over the years by generous donations from Lititz Mutual Insurance, Fiore Brothers Leasing Company, Fulton Bank, New Enterprise Stone and Lime Company, Northwest Savings Bank, Philadelphia Insurance Companies, and PNC Financial Services Group. Language in Motion was previously supported by The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations.

Developing Networks Across the Country

Language in Motion actively seeks other institutions of higher education to establish their own local Language in Motion program and serve as regional hubs. 

I'm a College Student:

Who Can Participate?

Are you a Juniata international student, study-abroad returner, heritage speaker, or student with other international experience and/or advanced second language skills? If so, you are eligible to participate. 

How Can I Participate?

Students can either take Language in Motion for credit or volunteer.

Credit students are required to attend all training workshops held late afternoons during the first three weeks of the semester and complete a minimum number of presentations (a full day in school) during the semester. The Language in Motion courses WL 201, WL 202, WL 203, and WL 204 are all one credit and are offered both Fall and Spring semesters. The course may be repeated  by signing up for the next higher course number during the same semester or in a later semester. Students can earn Local Engagement (SW: LE), Humanities (H), or International (I) general education credit from these classes. For further details, please see the course syllabus for WL 201.

Volunteers are invited and encouraged to attend all workshops and may decide how many presentations to do each semester. Volunteers may do only one or more presentations. For further details, please see our volunteer info sheet.

I'm a Teacher:

What Do I Need to Know About the Program?

Language in Motion offers teachers several opportunities for enriching their students’ learning experiences and for professional development.

Classroom Enrichment Presentations: Juniata offers a semi-annually changing group of college student presenters who are diverse, interesting, and passionate. They have strong second-language knowledge and international experience, either having returned from study abroad or having come to Juniata on a study-abroad trip from their home country. They represent cultures from all over the world, often including China, Ecuador, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, and Russia.

Teachers choose the presenters they would like to have in their classes and work with the Language in Motion office to coordinate their scheduling. Most of the time, these requests are fulfilled. Each semester at the Showcase and Dialogue: Teacher-Presenter Workshop, participating teachers have a chance to see short sample presentations, meet the Juniata students participating at that time, and talk with them about their presentation ideas, both content and method. The Juniata students then prepare class-length presentations on the chosen topics, incorporating as much of the target language as the teacher wants. 

Additional Information:

For Juniata students: Language in Motion Brochure for Juniata Students

For K-12 teachers and school administrators: Language in Motion Brochure for Teachers