Exchange Applicant Information

Juniata welcomes about thirty students each academic year from exchange partner institutions.

Contact your home institution's international office for application information. Application deadlines for institutions may vary. Juniata requires that exchange student documents are received by mid-March for the fall semester and mid-November for the spring semester.

Please go to our portal to start the electronic application process.

Estimated International Exchange Student Budget (one academic year 2024-2025)

Individual exchange program finances vary. Contact your home institution for information regarding exchange financial arrangements.

  • Room $7,500 (one semester $3,750)
  • Meals $6,600 (one semester $3,300)
  • Miscellaneous Fees $1,080 (one semester $540)
  • Orientation Fee $100 (one time fee)
  • Deposit Fee $250 (one time fee, returned at the end of program)
  • Supplies, Personal Exp $2,000 (one semester $1,000)
  • International and U.S. Travel: $2,000 (one semester $1,000)

Accident and Sickness Insurance 2024-2025

All Juniata J-1 Visa students are required to enroll in one of Juniata College's insurance plans.

Juniata Insurance Annual Cost
Fall Semester only
Spring and Summer
Undergraduate students




CHUBB Travel Sense Annual Cost
Fall Semester only
Spring Semester Only 
Undergraduate students $1,253.30 $626.65 $626.65

After your home institution provides official notification to Juniata that you have been recommended for exchange, you will need to apply for a student visa to enter the United States.