While all students have the privilege of self regulated hours, Lesher Hall is secured each evening at 10:00 p.m. Residents of other halls may determine to have exterior doors secured. Students are reminded that room and exterior residence keys should not be loaned under any condition. Each residence hall room on campus has been equipped with locking windows. Doors to individual rooms are equipped with keyed combination locks manufactured by the Best Lock Company. Each residence hall is staffed with a non student residence director and each floor is staffed with a student resident assistant. Both residence directors and resident are trained in emergency and safety procedures. Although a full -time security officer is not assigned to each residence hall, security officers are required to make regular rounds through each residence hall.

Policy and special security porcedures for housing students during low-occupancy periods such as holidays and vacation periods:

Students may request to remain on campus during low-occupancy periods such as holidays and vacations. The college discourages students from remaining on campus due to safety concerns and curtailment of heating conservation. Depending on the number of requests by students to remain on campus, students will be assigned to one Residence Hall only.

To request approval to remain on campus student must contact the Office of Residence Life. The Director of Residence Life will determine whether the request for remaining on campus during the low-occupancy is reasonable. Students that have been granted permission to remain on campus will be issued an outside door key. All Residence Halls are secured and security patrols are increased

During semester and spring break, college residence halls close at 6:00 p.m. on the day of the last class and re-open at 1:00 p.m. on the day before classes resume. Students are expected to vacate College housing during these breaks. A limited amount of break housing is available for students in need during spring break. Students who have legitimate needs to remain on campus during breaks should petition the Office of Residential Life two weeks prior to the break. The Office of Residential Life will review the petition and grant permission when appropriate. All college rules and regulations apply during breaks.

Residents are informed of security and enforcement procedures through hall opening floor meetings, hall meetings, the "Student Services Newsletter," and the Pathfinder. Other pertinent information is shared with students on an as needed basis through the above mentioned media as well as the campus newspaper, the campus radio station, electronic mail and also through campus mailing. 

While the Juniata campus is considered private property, certain areas of the campus such as academic buildings, library, playing field, and the Ellis College Center are accessible to the public during normal business hours and during special events. The College reserves the right to remove any person or persons exhibiting inappropriate or disruptive behavior on campus. Paid membership in the Kennedy Sports Center Recreation Center Club is required for use of the Center. Access to special events normally required paid admission.

Routine checks by Security and Facilities Services  occur with regards to out door lighting, landscaping, groundskeeping and any other potential security problems. In addition, the Residence Hall Association (RHA) makes recommendations for improved safety and security on campus.

Students and employees may report emergencies or criminal acts in a variety of ways: By calling the Security Office 3163 or 911-1, Through their resident assistant or residence director, or by calling the Huntingdon Police directly. The college investigates all incidents that are reported by students and staff to determine the appropriate response and follow-up either through the campus judicial process or through the local or State Police Departments.