To conduct fund-raisers, the following policies apply:

  • RSOs must complete the online Fund-raising/Solicitation Application and receive approval for their fund-raisers from the Office of Student Activities before monies can be raised for their RSO and other non-profit organizations.  The online form needs to be completed and submitted at least two (2) weeks before the fund-raiser/solicitation date.
  • Soliciting money from off-campus businesses is restricted to major sponsorships.  Requests for gift-in-kind items such as gift certificates, gift baskets, etc. are allowed with the approval from the Development Office.  When soliciting money from off-campus businesses, please complete the Fund-raising/Solicitation Application Form and thoroughly detail your fund-raising plan.  Your apllication will be reviewed by the Office of Student Activities and you will be notified by OSA if you will need to follow up with the Development Office.
  • Only RSOs may solicit door-to-door in the residence halls.  You must receive approval from the RD of each building. Note: There are additional policies for fund-raisers held at East Houses and where you must receive final approval from the RD of East Houses before holding your fund-raiser.
  • To use the Ellis Hall Lobby for solicitation purposes, use Event Scheduler on the Arch to reserve the table space.
  • To sell tickets or conduct sign-ups at the Ellis Hall information desk, RSOs must first receive permission from the Office of Student Activities.
  • Students cannot directly solicit Juniata College faculty or staff members for donations.  They may, however, use indirect methods such as the Daily Announcements or flyers to reach them.
  • The College holds a "Small Games of Chance" license which allows student organizations to conduct fund-raisers such as raffles and 50/50 drawings.  Betting pools (such as sports tournament pools, poker, or scratch offs) are not permitted because they constitute a violation of gambling laws.
  • RSOs must report the total amount of funds raised to the Office of Student Activities by completing the RSO Fund-raiser Reporting Form and deposit ALL money in their RSO account before any money can be spent and/or donated.

For outside persons/organizations wishing to solicit on campus (including posting flyers, signs, etc.), please submit the Fund-raising/Solicitation Application.