Faxes: Student organizations may use the fax machine in the OSA for sending and receiving faxes. The number is (814) 641-5312. Please ask senders to include a cover sheet and write clearly.

Photocopies: RSOs need to submit all print jobs to the print shop since copy numbers are no longer assigned to each club.  Please plan your print and copy jobs ahead of time, giving the print shop at least two days advance notice. You can submit your jobs through the following web site - http://www.juniata.edu/services/printshop/workorder/. Copies and prints done using your own personal account wil be counted toward your overall student allocation.

E-Mail: To receive an organization e-mail address, contact the office of Student Activites at osa@juniata.edu.

Web Pages: Every student organization is encourage to create and maintain a web page on the Juniata College Google club site. RSOs should design an interactive web page which provides information to prospective and current students, alumni, and visitors. For assistance with creating or maintaining your web page, please contact the office of Student Activities at osa@juniata.edu.