1. The student is informed in writing of the charges against him or her and of the hearing procedures.
  2. The hearing is private.
  3. The student has the right to call a reasonable number of witnesses who shall be subject to questioning by the Hearing Officer.
  4. If the student chooses not to appear, the hearing will be held in absentia.
  5. It is the student’s responsibility to tell the truth. If it is later discovered that a student has been dishonest and/or misrepresented himself /herself in the hearing, that student is eligible for suspension from the college.
  6. On behalf of the college, the Hearing Officer presents the charge.
  7. The student has the opportunity to make an opening statement.
  8. After the opening statement, the Hearing Officer may address questions to the student and/or any witnesses.
  9. After the question and answer period, the student has the opportunity to make a closing statement.
  10. The Hearing Officer summarizes the evidence presented and makes a recommendation. The student will be officially notified of the resulting action(s).