No Public Safety Alerts at this time:

Safety Tips and Preventive Measures

-The door to your room should always be locked, especially when you are inside sleeping or when out of the room.

-Do NOT open an exterior door for anyone you do not know. If they are student at Juniata their ID card we will allow them entry. Students should carry their ID at all times. Do NOT allow strangers to follow you into the building after you.

-If you find an exterior door open please secure it immediately or contact Public Safety 641-3636.

-Do not prop or leave exterior doors open at anytime. All exterior doors in residence halls , houses and apartments should be secured at ALL times. If you encounter an exterior door in any of these areas that will not secure, contact Public Safety Immediately.

-Report to Public Safety( 641-3636) immediately anything or person you feel is acting strange, suspicious or that you feel is out of place. Report the presence of strangers whether they have gained access to a buildings, are hanging around or are exhibiting questionable behavior to Public Safety, IMEDIATELY.

- At night travel only in well-lit areas and use well traveled routes.

-Keep shades drawn at night and when changing.

-Keep your vehicles locked at all times.

-Always let a friend or roommate know where you are going and when you expect to return.

- Report any and all crimes witnessed immediately such as break-ins, vandalism or any crime occurring or if you feel a crime is about to be committed.

- If you know or have any information about a crime on campus, you can use an alternative means to rely valuable information in an anonymous manner: JC CRIME 641-3318.

Knowledge, confidence and well being, that is what Campus Community Policing is all about and it starts with all of us.