Why You Were Chosen
You are seen as enthusiastic about Juniata College
You are viewed as a dependable employee with a good performance history
You are dedicated to good work practices
You are able to communicate clearly and concisely
You have patience
Your interpersonal skills are good
You are not from within the same department as your "buddy"
You were willing to take on this leadership role as "mentor" or "buddy"

Your Functions
Maintain confidentiality regarding information shared between you and your "buddy" - This is a priority; confidentiality should not be taken lightly!
Please take your "buddy" to lunch on the first day you are assigned to meet
You are an information source for the new employee with whom you are paired
Explain social/work situations, traditions, history, etc. at Juniata
Provide feedback and encouragement to the new employee on a regular basis (e.g., once a month hold an informal meeting to review duties, progress, questions, updates, goals, etc.)
Identify resources and priorities at Juniata College
Introduce your "buddy" to people as you encounter them on campus
Allow enough time to familiarize yourself with your "buddy" and his needs
Make your "buddy" feel comfortable at Juniata as soon as possible