• Submit a work order to the Print Shop to obtain name plates and business cards.
  • Order/obtain desk supplies.
  • Place a work order with facilities to have office area cleaned.
  • Technology work orders for phone, computer, account/email, and training of new employee have been auto-generated and assigned to the hiring supervisor or designee.  Please work with ITS to ensure successful completion of these items.
  • Create a week one schedule.
  • Schedule new employee for first available campus New Employee Orientation here.
  • Schedule meeting for day one for Human Resources with Benefits Specialist and HR Specialist, to resolve any outstanding paperwork and review benefits packet (appx. 15 minutes).
  • Schedule technology onboarding (appx. 1 hour), typically on Day One.  For faculty, please contact the area Educational Assistant to schedule with the Office of Digital Learning.  For admin/staff, please contact Assistant to the CIO/Technology Department Coordinator to schedule.  During onboarding, new employees will receive a computer (if applicable), their user account and password, and be oriented to Juniata's main technology systems.
  • Schedule meeting with President (for full-time employees) during first week by contacting Executive Assistant to the President
  • Send email to Department to announce arrival of new hire.

Day One

  • Welcome & introduce employee to department personnel.
  • Show employee their desk area.
  • Discuss Juniata's mission, department mission, customer service policies, and behavior guidelines.
  • Discuss normal work hours, building access and emergency procedures, phone and voicemail procedures, and purchasing instructions.
  • Work with the employee to complete the key request form for access to office and building locations.
  • Work with the employee to upload an ID picture and acquire a Gold Card from Public Safety.
  • Take employee to lunch or arrange for co-worker to accompany him/her.
  • Tour of dept. & offices/buildings they will visit frequently after lunch.
  • Review assignments for day one and field questions.
  • Provide an overview of assignments during first week.
  • Discuss your managing and leadership style; inform him/her how to approach you.
  • Take employee to the ITS Help Desk for their pre-scheduled technology onboarding session.

Week One

  • Hold a goal-setting meeting (discuss performance review process/expectations).
  • Verify all forms have been signed and returned to Benefits Specialist.
  • Arrange for tour of the campus.
  • Confirm employee has reviewed ADP resources to accurately track Time & Attendance. If you are unsure of your supervisory responsibilities in the approval process, please review the section on Supervisor How-To's.
  • Confirm employee has received network access (email address and password), requested technology, and completed the technology onboarding process.