Program Management

Authority and Responsibilities

Is responsible for general direction and assurance of quality measures within the radiation safety program. The President delegates the daily overview to the Provost and Radiation Safety Officer.

Is the person to whom the Radiation Safety Officer directly reports. The provost is the institutional official that signs all correspondence to the USNRC and PADEP. Originals of USNRC documents are filed in the Office of the Provost. The Provost receives and reviews the written report containing the results of the annual radiation safety program audit and recommendations for corrective action.

Radiation Safety Officer
The Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) has responsibility for the overall conduct of the program and compliance with license requirements. The RSO has the authority to suspend laboratory operations immediately, in part or in whole, if the laboratory supervisor fails to maintain full compliance with the Juniata College radiation safety program.

If suspension of operations is necessary, the RSO will generate a written incident investigation. This report will describe the reasons for suspension, the actions taken and the recommended corrective actions that need to be implemented to prevent recurrence.

Changes to written procedures or other documents related to the radiation safety program must be authorized by the RSO before implementation. Provided the change does not alter 10CFR20 requirements, Title 25 requirements or license conditions, the change need not be submitted to the USNRC or PADEP as an amendment request.

The Radiation Safety Officer is responsible for:

  • Developing program procedures and policies and disseminating information contained within those documents
  • Reviewing and approving changes to radiation safety program procedures
  • Ensuring development and implementation of a training program that meets the requirements of the license and manual
  • Initiating and submitting license changes when revisions to license are needed to maintain compliance with USNRC and PADEP regulations
  • Monitoring work practices, periodically, to ensure compliance with procedures and license requirements
  • Performing or ensuring the performance of an annual program assessment
  • Coordinating the implementation of corrective actions needed for items of non-compliance or recognized general program deficiencies

The Director of Environmental Health and Safety is responsible for:

  • Reviewing and verifying the receipt and shipment of radioactive materials
  • File quarterly waste disposal reports to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
  • Perform or supervise the periodic surveys of analytical x-ray devices
  • Assist the RSO during annual program reviews and/or inspection by the regulatory agency, or at other times at the request of the RSO

The Science Department Staff is responsible for:

  • Performing or supervising surveys of incoming packages of radioactive material and ensuring that the materials are delivered to the authorized individuals;
  • Performing or supervising surveys of radioisotope lab(s) as required by Juniata College license and this manual
  • Maintaining the inventory for radioactive materials
  • Notifying the radiation safety officer of incoming or outgoing shipments of radioactive materials
  • Responding to worker notifications of program deficiencies, unsafe conditions or unsafe practices by either correcting the problem or alerting the RSO and asking for help in resolving

Department Heads are responsible for:

  • Ensuring that members of faculty and staff, and undergraduate students adhere to program and license requirements
  • Participating in the review of incidents and the development and implementation of corrective actions to prevent recurrence

Faculty Members are responsible for:

  • Monitoring site work practices to ensure compliance with program and license requirements
  • Ensuring that work by personnel and students under their supervision is performed in accordance with written procedures and the requirements of this manual
  • Ensuring untrained personnel do not perform duties related to receiving, disposing or otherwise handling radioactive material and/or radiation generating devices
  • Coordinating and ensuring personnel receive training at the frequency noted in this manual

Undergraduate Research Students are responsible for:

  • Performing work in accordance with written procedures and the requirements of this manual
  • Maintaining potential exposures ALARA by reducing non-productive work time in an area where radioactive materials are present
  • Notifying their supervisor or the RSO whenever they identify a program deficiency, unsafe condition, or unsafe practice

Ancillary Workers are responsible for:

  • Participating in annual radiation safety awareness training
  • Adhering to warnings and postings involving access to or handling of radioactive materials or radiation generating devices
  • Reporting potential program deficiencies to their supervisor or the RSO