In order to plan your career correctly, you must understand yourself, understand the environment and integrate.

Understand Yourself

  • Values
    • What is important to me?
    • What do I want from a career?
    • What type of future lifestyle do I prefer?

  • Interests
    • What types of interests do I have that are career related?
    • How are my interests and personality related to other people in other career fields?

  • Skills
    • Do I have skills that are marketable?
    • What types of skills are necessary in order to be successful in certain career fields?

  • Aptitudes
    • What types of potential skills do I possess?
    • How do I compare in terms of aptitude with people in different career fields?

  • Interpersonal Style
    • How do I use my perception and judgment?
    • How do I like to look at things and go about deciding things?
    • How are these preferences related to interests, values and skills?

  • Previous Career History
    • What have I learned about myself from previous jobs?
    • What factors were satisfying or dissatisfying?

  • Decision Making Style
    • How have I made important decisions in the past?
    • What type of decision making style do I employ when making career decisions?

Understand the Environment

How do I gain information about careers? What types of occupations will be in demand in the coming years? What are the starting salaries for different career fields? What are the specific educational requirements for a career?

You can find answers to questions such as these through the following services:

  • Career Information - Career Development Resource Area (including computerized guidance system), Reference Area of Library.

  • Educational Options - Graduate School Guides, Reference Books.

  • World of Work - Alumni Career Team, Internships, Field Experience and Summer Jobs.


Integrate knowledge of self and environment for making career decisions, setting goals and taking action.