Rachel Feagley

Rachel Feagley

Peace Corps Volunteer in Mexico

Studied abroad on two short-term faculty led courses to Ireland and Rwanda

Peace Corps Volunteer

“My time serving in Peace Corps Mexico was an incredibly formative experience for so many reasons. My primary job was Natural Resource Conservation, which included conservation of soil, water, flora, and fauna with an emphasis on mitigating climate change. Studying Wildlife Conservation at Juniata gave me a step up when it came to so many of these tasks, especially when it came to monitoring and tracking the native fauna. I feel grateful to have been able to serve and use the skills I learned at the college to support others in their efforts to conserve their natural lands.”

Grace Lewis '21

Grace Lewis

Wildlife Conservation

New Zealand

Fund for Education Abroad Scholarship

"Study abroad is the single most effective way at changing the way we view the world." - Chantal Mitchell
"This quote speaks so much truth into my experience, especially that which I have a harder time putting words to. The experiences and people encountered while abroad have taught me some of the most valuable lessons I believe I can learn."

Zakira Watts '20

Zakira Watts

Health Communication

New Zealand

Fund for Education Abroad Scholarship

“Study abroad was honestly, one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. During my study abroad experience I was able to find my passion for indigenous healthcare and minority rights. As a health communication POE this study abroad experience allowed me the opportunity to recement my passion for my craft. I would encourage everyone to study abroad and lean into global citizenship.”

Charles Cadden '21

Charles Cadden '21

Political Philosophy

United Kingdom

Gilman Award Recipient

“The key to having a successful study abroad trip is learning to be comfortable in the uncomfortable. Force yourself to try new things, to go new places, and to meet new people – soon enough, you’ll find yourself surrounded by those who care about you and where you’ll go!”

Saraly Gonzalez '22

Annaleigh Baremore

Environmental Science


Gilman Award Recipient

“I am so thankful to be a Gilman scholar to aid me in my semester abroad to Lille, France next spring! By being a recipient of this scholarship, I now have the confidence to pursue opportunities abroad and bring my experiences and knowledge back for the benefit of my community.”

Stephanie Letourneau '20

Annaleigh Baremore

Environmental Science


Gilman Award Recipient

“The Gilman Scholarship provided me financial support that allowed me pursue my passions in marine science. It also gave me an additional support system while abroad and then as a returner adjusting back to campus. Now, the Gilman network keeps supporting me by providing webinars and advice to navigate the job search post-graduate.”

Grace Singer '21

Annaleigh Baremore


New Zealand

Gilman Award Recipient

”Receiving the Gilman Scholarship to spend a semester was like a dream come true. I worked hard on my application and spent nights editing my essays so knowing that my hard work payed off in the end felt great. The Gilman didn’t only help me financially but it also gave me an extra layer of support abroad…I don’t know what I would have done without this scholarship and the community behind it.“

Roxy Jeffers '20

Annaleigh Baremore



Gilman Award Recipient

“As a Biology major and Spanish minor on the pre-med track. The Gilman Scholarship provided the perfect opportunity for me to learn Spanish, make long-lasting friendships while exploring and learning about other healthcare systems. My advice to anyone is to Study abroad! It will change the way you view the world.”

Lauren Eyler '21

Annaleigh Baremore

French & Spanish with Secondary in Linguistics


Gilman Award Recipient

“Being a Gilman Scholar allowed me to fully live in the moment while study abroad because I didn't have to worry about as much financial pressure. I was able to have such an amazing experience because of the Gilman Scholarship.”

Emily McGrath '21

Annaleigh Baremore

Intercultural Communication with Secondary in Spanish


Gilman Award Recipient

“If you think you shouldn't study abroad because it scares you, because you've never traveled before or because you're comfortable living in the US and don't like change or being uncomfortable, you need to study abroad.  Now more than ever, our world needs people who possess empathy and understanding of cultures and people different than themselves.  Learn a new language, embrace a new way of living, immerse yourself in a new environment and push yourself to become better for yourself and for the world.”

Global Engagement Initiative

Spanish and Service Learning in Guatemala course with Henry Thurston-Griswold

Fulbright Award Winners

Juniata College is proud that we have had three Fulbright winners in each of the past five years!

Read about AnnaLeigh Baremore, winner for 2019-20 to Colombia

Read about Andrew Meci, winner for 2019-20 for a research Fulbright in France

Annie Oldenbrook, renewed for a second year to Colombia

Sierra Waite, Fulbright Summer to the UK

Samuel Wherley, winner for 2019-20 to Spain

Dennis Wilt to Austria for 2018-19

Read about Annie Oldenbrook and Emily Parker, winners for 2018-19 to Colombia

Read about Emily Kutz, winner for 2018-19 to Spain

Read about Anvy Tran, winner for 2017-18, to VIetnam

Read about Ashlynn Cobb, winner for 2017-18, to Russia

Read about Nikea Ulrich, winner for 2017-18, to Germany

Read about Alex Bernosky, winner for 2016-17, to Russia

Read about Neal Donovan, winner for 2016-17, to Germany

Read about Erin Netoskie, winner for 2016-17, to Germany

Read more about Molly Adler, winner for 2015-16, to Russia

Read about Megan Vannaman, winner for 2015-16, to the Czech Republic

Read about Mackenzie Coulter-Kern, winner for 2015-16, to Mexico

Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program

Catherine Adcock, winner for 2018-19

Peace Corps Volunteers

Katherine Conklin '18 to Guinea

Lily Cedarleaf-Pavy '18 to Botswana

Cody Cooper '16 to Myanmar

Rachel Feagley '18 to Mexico

Mary Claire Sei '18 to Madagascar

Boren Scholars for Critical Language

Isabelle Wojciechowski returns to China with a full scholarship from US Department of State

Marlene Matula studied in China in 2015

St. Andrews Award Winners

Soumya Poavarapu, winner for 2018-19 to Glasgow University

Read about Christy Altland, winner for 2016-17 to Glasgow University

Read about Nathan Anderson-Stahl, winner for 2015-16 to University of St. Andrews

Freeman-Asia Award

Cameron Stoneberger, winner for 2018-19 to Shih Hsin University in Taiwan

Abe Hershberger, winner for 2018-19 to Hokusei Gakuen University in Japan

Generation Study Abroad Initiatives

Grace Lewis recieved an Education New Zealand Study Abroad Travel Award for Fall 2019 at the University of Waikato

Zakira Watts received a New Zealand Universities Excellence Award for Fall 2019 at the University of Otago.

Gilman Scholarship Winners

Spring 2020 & Fall 2020 awards

Charles Cadden, winner for Spring 2020, to the University of Lincoln in UK

Lauren Eyler, winner for Spring 2020, to Pachaysana program in Ecuador 

Emily McGrath, winner for Spring 2020, to Pachaysana program in Ecuador 

Grace Singer, winner for Spring 2020, to the University of Otago in New Zealand 

Spring 2019 & Fall 2019 Gilman awards 

Caitlin Binner, winner for Fall 2019, to the IFE internship program in Asturias, Spain

Zakira Watts, winner for Fall 2019, to the University of Otago in New Zealand

Roxanne Jeffers, winner for summer 2019, to Orizaba, Mexico

Stephanie Letourneau, winner for Spring 2019, to Ecuador

Justin Lotito, winner for Spring 2019, to Mexico

Spring 2018 and Fall 2018 Gilman awards

Katelyn Meehan, winner for fall 2018, to New Zealand

Hannah Brewster, winner for fall 2018, to New Zealand

Molly Ulrich, winner for fall 2018, to Ecuador

Katheryn Weeden, winner for spring 2018, to Spain

Rebekah Ford, winner for spring 2018, to New Zealand

Fall 2017 Gilman awards

Khoreen Eccleston, winner for fall 2017, to Osaka, Japan

Brody Greenleaf, winner for 2017-18, to Madrid, Spain

Nichole Leiby, winner for fall 2017, to Newcastle, Australia

Rina Kirsch, winner for fall 2017, to Moscow, Russia

Read about Jilenny Guzman, winner for fall 2017 to Mexico

Read about Miranda Suarez, winner for fall 2017 to Japan and spring 2018 to Dunedin, New Zealand

Read about Skye Smay, winner for summer 2017 to Mexico

Sam Gary, winner for fall 2016, to Quito, Ecuador

Sirah Javier, winner for summer 2016, to Orizaba, Mexico

Katie McLone, winner to Ecuador 2016

Aleshia Alexis, winner to Japan 2016

Anvy Tran, winner for 2015-16 to Guanajuato, Mexico

Student of the Year

Emily Parker awarded Student of the Year by PennACE in 2018

Evaluations from the Institute for Field Education

With their permission, read about the internships of four students in France in the spring of 2018.

Academic Achievement Abroad

(given by the Forum on Education Abroad)

Shanna Law '16, for her research conducted at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand, on "Geology, evaporative salt accumulation and geoecology at Springvale historic gold mine, Central Otago, New Zealand"