A. Director

  • The Sports Information Director is involved with anything about Juniata Sports, printed or stated on radio or television. Promoting Juniata athletics and our student-athletes has many side benefits for the College like: alumni giving, enrollment, and additional athletic recruiting.
  • To write and edit all the schedules, camps, game programs, and media releases.
  • To write sports releases to hometown newspapers. Hometown newspapers also receive at least one special release on each athlete during the season.

B. McDonald’s Athletes of the Month

  • The purpose of this honor is to promote Juniata teams and athletes on campus.
  • This honor recognizes an outstanding individual performance, not necessarily a top athlete.
  • Selection is made from the SID’s nomination – two per month.
  • The award does not necessarily rotate from sport to sport each month.
  • The announcement of the award is printed in the Juniatian and in the J-Club news.
  • An additional news release or phone call is made to your local newspaper.

C. Interviews: Juniata Sports Information provides the following guidelines

  • If you [coach or athlete] are ever called and asked for an interview, it should be conducted in a quiet but public area
  • How you say something is more important than what is said. The reality of other individuals perception: 55% judge appearance, 38% judge voice, and 7% judge content of the message.
  • Sound energetic and confident. If you’re excited, show it!
  • Anticipate questions and think about answers in advance. Be specific, don’t generalize. When answering questions, spread the credit to the team or teammates. Do not discredit an opponent by making negative comments. Be confident, but not boastful!
  • If a question is asked that you don’t want to answer, say “I do not want to discuss that.” Avoid “no comment.”

D. Miscellaneous

  • Just as a positive action reflects upon you, your family, teammates, the athletic department and institution, so does the negative. Your actions truly reflect on all of us.
  • Ask your parents to clip out any articles about you or Juniata in your local paper and make a copy for the SID.
  • Stay informed about issues concerning your sport, the NCAA, the athletic department and other campus activities.