1. An on-campus event sponsored by the Alumni Office or the Development Office may provide and serve alcoholic beverages pursuant to the guidelines below. These guidelines also pertain to Alumni group(s) utilizing the college facilities.

2. The function must be registered and scheduled in accord with the College’s standard event and facilities scheduling procedures.

3. The use of alcohol at the alumni or development function must be specifically requested and coordinated by a member of the alumni or development office staff. The event must be approved in writing by the staff member and the Cabinet officer with supervisory jurisdiction over the program. The event must take place in and be confined to an approved location (see attached listing).

4. Personnel from the department/office sponsoring the function must be present to staff the event from start until the close of the event and have primary responsibility for ensuring that all conditions of this policy are met and that all alcoholic beverages are properly secured at the close of the event.

5. Juniata College students invited to and attending the approved function must be 21 years of age, except as otherwise allowed by the President of the College. The College may require appropriate proof of age as necessary from attendees.

6. Food and non-alcoholic beverages must be available. The College’s contracted food service company is the preferred provider and must be provided the opportunity to bid on the food service for all on-campus College events. Unless explicitly approved otherwise by the Vice President for Finance and Operations, all on-campus event food service will be provided by the College’s contracted food service company.

7. No charge for alcohol will be permitted or sanctioned. Juniata College does not possess a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania liquor license and cannot sell alcoholic beverages.

8. The College will not provide bar service to handle alcoholic beverages. Such service must be provided by the organization sponsoring the event or by the College food service company.