Beeghly Library's Catalog is available from any internet connection on campus, off campus, and worldwide.

All other databases provided by Beeghly Library through a subscription license requires IP authentication. This means that access is only allowed to authorized Juniata College users and this is processed via computer location number -- IP (Internet Protocol) authentication. If a computer trying to access a database is on campus and connected to the Juniata College EagleNet, access to the database should be immediate. If a computer is off campus and not connected to EagleNet, an IP authenticated database will then ask for a login ID and password because it doesn't recognize the computer address. We do not have a password to give out in this case, because our agreements are setup to work in an IP authentication mode only.

If you are off campus and you connect to EagleNet by using FirePass ( Then you click the link labeled "JuniataVPN - Just Like on Campus". After clicking that link, open a new browser window or tab and go to the databases.

For more details about connecting to EagleNet via FirePass, please view Information Technology and Library Servicesor call the HELP desk at ext. 3619.