The computers in the Beeghly Library Reference Area are available to the Juniata College Community (students, faculty, and staff) in support of academic pursuits. The computers require an EagleNet login and they must be used in accordance with the Ethical and Responsible Use of EagleNet. In addition to the Ethical Use policy, users are to adhere and acknowledge the following library policies: The purpose of the computers is to support academic and institutional growth of the Juniata College Community. Please be considerate of other library users when using the computers. This includes, but is not limited to, the length of time a user is on a computer when others are waiting, awareness of conversation noise levels - including loud cell phone use, not locking the computers, and taking appropriate care of the computers and printer. Periodically, the reference librarians may need to reserve some or all of the computers in the reference area in order to support library instruction. The reference librarians reserve the right to ensure that the computers are being used as they were intended and that appropriate considerations, including those listed above and others as necessary, are being followed. Please direct any questions or concerns about the computers or printer to the librarian on duty. Do not attempt to clear a printer paper jam yourself. Members of the Huntingdon community, that are not members of the college, may be logged into a computer for academic/educational pursuits on a case by case basis, as determined by a librarian.