Juniata's mission is to provide an engaging personalized educational experience empowering our students to develop the skills, knowledge and values that lead to a fulfilling life of service and ethical leadership in the global community.

Principles of a Liberal Arts Lifestyle:

As a community, Juniata is dedicated to providing an academically rigorous and personally enriching liberal arts education. Students have a responsibility to expand and fulfill their lifestyles to embrace the opportunities that lead to well-rounded citizenship.

The Student Government of Juniata College, as servant of the students, approves the following principles of a liberal arts lifestyle, and believes that these principles serve as the vehicle to successful life experiences. 

A Juniata student who fully engages in a liberal arts lifestyle:

  • Recognizes the value of being a citizen of the world in an increasingly global and diverse community.
  • Seeks opportunities to serve in activities that enrich communities and give back to humanity.
  • Builds meaningful and lasting relationships with academic peers, faculty, staff, and future colleagues.
  • Regards healthy lifestyle choices as the keystone to success.
  • Embodies a spirit of sustainability through awareness of finite resources.
  • Realizes that learning is a lifelong process encompassing many disciplines.
  • Questions the assumptions and truths presented in life, as embodied in Juniata's maxim "Veritas Liberat."
  • Understands that integrity and honesty in all of life's pursuits are virtues unto themselves.
  • Assumes responsibility for choices made.