For our new Juniatians, we have designed a series of activities and events throughout the summer to help prepare you to be an Eagle:

Summer Orientation

is a required one-day experience where you will receive vital information on how to be a successful student inside and outside of the classroom. 

Families and supporters are requested to take part in Orientation activities. 

Registration begins at 9:00am. Orientation is from 9:30am until 4:00pm on your scheduled day. All times are Eastern Time. 

Register for one of the dates listed.

*Please note, international students are automatically registered for international student orientation, August 18 - 20.


is a required interest-based small group experience. Students may register for one Inbound experience either in July or August. Inbound is for students only. 

July Schedule: Registration is from 4:30pm - 5:00pm and then Inbound is from 5pm on the 14th until 5pm on the 16th. Housing is provided throughout Inbound to students. 

August Schedule: Students will arrive on campus between 8am and 10am pick up their keys to their residence hall room! Students and families have until 2pm to get settled in their rooms and then Inbound activities begin at 2pm on the 20th.

August Inbound participants will move directly into their residence hall the morning before Inbound. 

Register for one of Inbound sessions below.*

*Students may request to be exempt from Inbound if there are unavoidable conflicts.

Below is a calendar of these events. Please select and register for Summer Orientation and Inbound.  Log in using the same e-mail address and password that you used for your Juniata admission application. 


When registering for Inbound you will indicate your top three interest areas. During your on-boarding experiences, you will participate in small group activities in your theme, as well as other community-building, community-expectation, and getting-to-know campus activities.

Travel and activity levels are rated on a high, moderate, low scale to help you select the best possible retreat for you. Retreats with high travel time will travel 2+ hours from campus or include an overnight activity. Retreats with high activity levels will have activities that require physical exertion for 1+ hours, at least.

Visual & Performing Arts: This retreat is one that allows for incoming students to express themselves through the creation of their own visual art. All experience levels are welcome. Travel time is high and activity level is low.

Camping & Outdoor Exploration: In this retreat, you will camp off-campus at one of the local camping and natural areas. Other outdoor activities such as kayaking, hiking, and time at Raystown Lake will be incorporated. Travel time is high and activity level is moderate.

Community Engagement & Service: Incorporating one of the integral principles of Juniata, this retreat allows for students to help within Huntingdon and surrounding counties by working on a variety of service projects. Travel time is low and activity level is low.

Fun & Games: For those students who enjoy games, arcades, and other similar activities. Excursions include a trip to an escape room and other related activities. Travel time is moderate and activity level is low.

Leadership: This retreat will allow for participants the opportunity to learn more about themselves and how they engage in group settings. They will participate in team building activities, including a ropes course. Travel time is low and activity level is low. 

Outdoor Adventures: Incorporating some favorite activities, this retreat will involve activities such as river tubing, high ropes, and other outdoor activities. Travel time is high and activity level is high.

Plexus (Inbound Session 2 Only): Juniata's Plexus retreat is designed to allow new students with passion about multiculturalism to meet other new and returning students and offer their friendship, support, and guidance. Travel time is low and activity level is low.

Rock Climbing: Student who participate in this retreat will explore the local natural areas through hiking, rock climbing, and bouldering. Travel time is moderate and activity level is high.

Sports & Recreation: This retreat is one that incorporates the enjoyment of sports with other outdoor activities. Including going to a baseball game, time at Raystown Lake, and other activities, students of all experience levels will be able to enjoy a variety of activities. Travel time is moderate and activity level is moderate.

Wildlife: For students that are interested in environmental studies or even just enjoy the outdoors, this retreat spends time at the field station on Raystown Lake, including an overnight stay. Travel time is moderate and activity level is low.