Juniata's Plexus retreat is designed to allow new students with concerns about multiculturalism to meet other new and returning students and offer their friendship, support, and guidance.

The event will not only give students insight into the ways in which diversity is being integrated into college life, but also will highlight the opportunities for cultural experiences and the resources available both here on campus as well as within the surrounding communities.

While the focus of Plexus is intended to give new students an opportunity to connect with those who have had similar experiences, it is open to any student with concerns related to diversity and inclusion. We will also recognize the need to address basic nuts and bolts issues like:

  • Where is the closest Mosque/Temple/Synagogue/Church?
  • Where can I purchase ethnic foods, spices and hair care products?
  • Where can I find a support community for my religion/ethnicity/sexual orientation/etc.?

Each retreat will also have the opportunity to mingle with other retreats and participate in larger group activities and programs.

Click here to learn more about Plexus and the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.