Spring 2020 Bible Studies & Discussion Groups

Group 1: “Christ, The Bible...True?  A Fairy Tale?

Examine the evidence...6 week study starting January 31.  Join our Spring 2020 mini-study, the "Why I Believe" Bible Study by Chip Ingram, which will delve into the evidence for Christ, the Resurrection, creation, and God.  We will investigate these issues objectively, using intelligence, logic and historical facts.  

Leader: Dr. Jim Latten
Day and Time: Fridays, 12:30 -1:20 PM, BAC C-209
Contact info: lattenj@juniata.edu

Group 2: Galatians Bible Study

Join us as we explore Paul's letter to the Galatians!  If someone asked you to explain the good news of the Christian faith, what would you say?  Writing to the church of Galatia, Paul provides one of the clearest explanations of the gospel (literally translated as "good news") in the New Testament.  This discussion-based Bible study is aimed at helping Christians apply the teachings found within the book of Galatians to their everyday lives.

Leader: Stephanie Lauback and James Meersman
Day and Time: Thursday nights from 8:00 to 9:00 PM at 1624 Mifflin St.
Contact info: lauback@juniata.edu or meersman@juniata.edu 

Group 3: "FLOW: For the Life Of the World"

Flow will explore the application of questions like: What is our faith for?  Why does living our our faith matter?  What does it mean to be steward?  And how do we steward well?  We will be using a combination of activities, films, conversations, and digging into Scripture to explore together how cultivating a more rooted and robust understanding of stewardship may change how we engage our faith, relationships, time, the world, and the whole of our lives in light of the Gospel.

Leaders: Dani Erdley and Adrienne Willhoft
Day and Time: Wednesdays at 8:00 PM, in the World Language Center Lounge
Contact info: derdley@ccojubilee.org or awillhoft@ccojubilee.org 

Group 4: Baha'i Faith Study Circle

Are you interested in learning about a spiritual approach to world unity and peace?  The Baha'i Faith, which began in 1844, is the most recent independent world religion, based on the teachings of the Prophet Founder, Baha'u'llah, whose principles for unity include the oneness of God, the oneness of religion, and the oneness of humanity.  Topics in this semester's study Circle include an introduction to the Baha'i Writings, the central importance of prayer, and life after death.

Leader: Dr. Deb Kirchhof-Glazier
Day and Time: Mondays at 7:00 PM in the Unity House
Contact info: kirchhof@juniata.edu