2015-16 Bible Studies & Discussion Groups

Group 1: “True Spirituality” –by Chip Ingram

For spring 2016, we move on to the question “Now what?”  Now that we have the confidence in why someone would want to believe, “now what” do we do? How shall we live out our lives? Do we need to change anything? Chip provides great answers in the series “True Spirituality,” a 12-week DVD study based on Romans 12, where he discusses God’s dream for your life, how to give God the space in our lives that he deserves, how to gain from a relationship with God, getting to know the real you (and identify your spiritual gifts), authentic Christian community, and how to overcome the evil aimed at Christians. 

Leader: Dr. Jim Latten
Day and Time: Mondays Noon-1:00 pm in Good 219
Contact info: lattenj@juniata.edu

Group 2: Word Study for Student Athletes

There are some relationships no one can be without. The Bible offers some interesting relationships to consider. You need a butt kicker, a true friend, a Yoda, and more. Yep, there's more. Each week will be a new opportunity for exploration and time to connect with other athletes.

Leader: Pastor Rick Cartwright, Campus Minister for Athletics
Day and Time: Monday nights from 8 to 9 at Unity House.
Contact info: cartwrr@juniata.edu

Group 3: Unitarian Universalist Union

What's the UUU do? We build intentional community, hold member-led discussions, eat cookies, and try to live out our values! We are inspired by the seven Unitarian Universalist Principles and by our diverse life experiences. We are a club by the people and for the people, and you could be one of those people! Join us any week.

Leaders: All members share discussion leadership
Day and Time: Thursdays at 7:00 PM, in the Unity House Meditation Room
Contact info: parkeec14@juniata.edu

Group 4: Open Devotions and Study Circle on the Baha'i Faith

Open devotions and an interactive study of the Baha'i Faith is offered on Sunday mornings at 11 AM in the Unity House. The current topic is on the spiritual and mystical aspects of the soul. The Baha'i Faith is the most recent independent world religion and is devoted to teachings on the unity of God, religion, and humanity. All are welcome.

Leader: Dr. Deb Kirchof-Glazier
Day and Time: Sunday mornings at 11 AM in the Unity House
Contact info: Kenny at CAMPBKG10@juniata.edu, Steph at finamsm10@juniata.edu

Group 5: Do-Tel:   A Dinner Conversation on Faithful Living

How does what you believe affect how you live? Where do faith and culture intersect? Do-Tel stands for Doing Thoughtful and Engaged Living. Join us to share a meal and join in conversation about why faith matters in everyday life. We will be focusing on such questions as "How does your faith guide your response to social injustice." 


Leaders: Dani Erdley and Hannah Shultz 
Day and Time: every other Wednesday, beginning Feb. 17 from 6- 8pm in the Unity House
Contact info: Dani at erdleyd@juniata.edu or Hannah at shultzh@juniata.edu