The Juniata Career Team (JCT) is a database of Juniata alumni, parents, and friends who are willing to share their career experience and advice with current students as well as alumni. It is an invaluable service to students and alumni in their career planning.

Sharing your experiences can help students to make good decisions and feel confident about entering the work force or graduate school.

So, what do you have to offer? Common discussion topics include:

  • specifics about a particular industry or occupation
  • appropriate classes or necessary preparation for a field or position
  • perks and drawbacks of a field
  • internship and job possibilities
  • relocation questions regarding cost of living, climate, or quality of life
  • graduate/professional school experience

If you would like to join the Juniata Career Team or read more about it, visit the JCT Web site and sign up today.

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